AI in the Enterprise
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The Future of Procurement Lies in AI, Experts Say

Data Management
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Data Juice: Doug Laney Gives 101 Ways to Squeeze Value From Data in New Book

Business Continuity
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How to Avoid Inheriting a Data Breach During a Merger/Acquisition

Business Continuity
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Does Zero Trust Mean Defence in Depth is Dead?

Unified Communications
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Intermedia: Cloud Migration is the Key to Enterprise Communications

Business Continuity
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90% of Organisations Have Fallen Victim to Cyber Attacks in 2022

Industry Leaders

Dr Eric Cole

Founder and CEO of Secure Anchor Consulting
  • Red Sift & Entrust: BIMI and Email Security

  • Darktrace: The Importance of Email Implementation

  • Proofpoint Episode 1: 2020s Biggest and Boldest Insider Threats

Richard Stiennon

Chief Research Analyst at IT-Harvest
  • Bugcrowd: Using Crowdsourcing to Detect Critical Vulnerabilities

  • GitGuardian: Secrets in the Source Code Need Protection

  • Beyond Identity: CIAM and Hitting a Balance Between Security and Customer Friction

Susan Walsh

Founder and MD of The Classification Guru
  • Solidatus & HSBC: From Months to Minutes - The Benefits of Automated Data Sharing

  • Yellowfin: Transforming Business with Analytical Data

  • ActionIQ: How the Data-Driven Revolution is Impacting CX

Chris Steffen

Researching Director at EMA
  • Siemplify: Trends in Remote Security Operations

  • Menlo Security: Emerging Trends in Cloud Security

  • Digital Transformation and Attack Surface Management

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