Data Management
Incorta is a data analytics company on a mission to help data-driven enterprises be more agile and competitive by resolving their most complex data analytics challenges. Incorta’s Direct Data Platform gives enterprises the means to acquire, enrich, analyze and act on their business data with unmatched speed, simplicity and insight. Backed by GV (formerly Google Ventures), Kleiner Perkins, M12 (formerly Microsoft Ventures), Telstra Ventures, and Sorenson Capital, Incorta powers analytics for some of the most valuable brands and organizations in the world. For today’s most complex data and analytics challenges, Incorta partners with Fortune 5 to Global 2000 customers such as Broadcom, Vitamix, Equinix, and Credit Suisse. For more information, visit


Data Management
Anomalo automatically detects data issues and their root causes, before anyone else. Data quality complaints take a toll on data teams and engineering. Anomalo helps you observe and get ahead of data issues, find and analyze root causes, and share them with your company – so everyone can feel confident in the data driving your business.


Data Management
Data is your biggest asset- unlock its power with the Genestack. Genestack is an award-winning life science data intelligence platform. We allow organisations of any size to harmonise, curate and derive fast insights from siloed data. The only platform to enable the simultaneous query of experimental data and metadata that research actually requires, Genestack increases the speed of research discoveries and helps to reduce the climate impact of our customers across the industry every day.

Data Virtuality

Data Management
Data Virtuality’s mission is to enable businesses to leverage the full potential of their data by providing a single source of truth platform. Our flexible platform which combines different integration methods in one, is a reliable enabler and accelerator for modern data architectures, like data fabric, data mesh, unified data platform and hybrid-/ multi-cloud environments. Enterprises around the world, such as BSH, PGGM, PartnerRe, Crédit Agricole, and Vontobel use the Data Virtuality Platform to lower the costs associated with their data integration initiatives, increase the productivity of their data teams and reduce time-to-market. 


AI in the Enterprise
Avantra is the SAP AIOps platform that enables hyperautomation so you can release capacity from the drag of managing complex legacy systems and redirect it to power intelligent operations. 

2600 Hz

Unified Communications
2600Hz's cloud communications platform KAZOO modernizes how businesses provide communications services to their customers. With thoughtfully engineered tools built by leaders in the telecom industry, KAZOO offers feature-rich UCaaS, CPaaS, and CCaaS solutions in one platform, built from the ground up to be hybrid. For developers building their own telephony apps, 2600Hz offers 300+ open APIs and provides access to the building blocks of the platform.

HID Global

Business Continuity
HID powers the trusted identities of the world's people, places and things. Every day millions of people in more than 100 countries use our products and services to securely access physical and digital places. Over 2 billion things that need to be identified, verified and tracked are connected through HID Global’s technology. We make it possible for people to transact safely, work productively and travel freely. We work with governments, universities, hospitals, financial institutions and some of the most innovative companies on the planet—helping them to create trusting and trusted physical and digital environments so that they and the people who use them can fulfill their potential. 


Data Management
DigitalRoute’s software is used by telecom companies and various enterprise businesses for 20 years. DigitalRoute collects, aggregates, enriches, and distributes usage data which can be used to optimize any aspect of a business. Why does this usage data matter? Usage data helps companies send accurate invoices, improve customer experiences, and control how much of a service is used. It even helps them create entirely new services based on what customers want.  


Data Management
Portworx is the Kubernetes Data Services Platform enterprises trust to run mission-critical applications in containers in production. Only Portworx provides a fully integrated solution for persistent storage, data protection, disaster recovery, data security, cross-cloud and data migrations, and automated capacity management for applications running on Kubernetes. Portworx is the #1 Kubernetes Data Platform to operate, migrate, and secure cloud native applications and stateful data services on any cloud or on-premise, with just a few clicks.

Sensei Labs

Business Agility
Welcome to the Enterprise Orchestration Era. Sensei Labs enables innovative organizations and their services partners to unlock their full potential through work orchestration. Our customers, including some of the world’s largest companies, use our Conductor platform to plan, orchestrate, and execute their most critical projects. Conductor excels at orchestrating transformations, procurement, and supply chain optimizations, ESG programs, M&A transactions, and technology deliveries by aligning cross-discipline, hybrid work teams. Turn your people into a symphony of your best players so that your project, team, and entire organization are all in sync, on time, and playing together.


Data Management
Informatica believes data is the soul of business transformation. That's why we help you transform it from simply binary information to extraordinary innovations. As the Enterprise Cloud Data Management leader, we have pioneered a new category of software with our Intelligent Data Management Cloud™. Powered by AI and a cloud-first, cloud-native, end-to-end data management platform that connects, manages and unifies data across any multi-cloud, hybrid system, our Intelligent Data Management Cloud empowers enterprises to modernize and advance their data strategies. That’s why our customers in more than 100 countries and 84 of the Fortune 100 rely on Informatica to drive their data-led digital transformation. Whether you're driving next-gen analytics, delivering perfectly timed customer experiences, or ensuring governance and privacy, you can always know your data is accurate, your insights are actionable, and your possibilities are limitless. Informatica. Cloud first. Data always™.


Business Agility
At Censys, we work relentlessly to make the internet a secure place for everyone. As the leading Attack Surface Management provider, we take the guesswork out of understanding and protecting the organization's digital footprint. From the world's most comprehensive real-time view of global networks and devices, Censys provides a comprehensive profile of the exposed assets on the internet, delivering the tools and insights to manage potential risks. We are on the forefront of helping organisations stay one step ahead of risk, and seeing threats before they become complications. From the corporate network to the cloud and beyond, a secure internet starts with Censys.


Business Continuity
Explorium provides an External Data Platform that automatically discovers thousands of relevant data signals and uses them to improve analytics and machine learning. The automated Explorium Platform enables organisations to discover and use third party data to improve predictions and ML model performance. With faster, better insights, organisations can increase revenue, streamline operations and reduce risks.


Business Continuity
Calamu Protect™ is a next-gen data protection platform that proactively secures data during a breach while maintaining seamless business operations. As an added layer of security on top of traditional data protection and storage solutions, Calamu bridges the gap between security defenses and reactionary backup to ensure that valuable data is rendered valueless to unauthorized users. A patented multi-step process encrypts, fragments, and scatters data across multiple cloud and on-premise repositories based on a customer’s requirements. The result is a virtual data harbor, an environment where data cannot be exfiltrated and weaponized against the company for costly extortion tactics, and is always accessible for authorized use. Even if a cloud provider or on-premise data center becomes compromised or suffers an outage, the unmatched resiliency provided by Calamu keeps your business running. Calamu was founded by experts in cybersecurity and data privacy with the mission of making the cyber world a safer place. The company is pioneering the use of self-healing technology to automatically mitigate the impact of a ransomware attack or data breach. For more information on Calamu visit

Business Agility
n8n is the leading low-code automation tool. With over 250 pre-built integrations and the ability to add your own custom functions, logic, and apps, n8n enables you to connect anything to everything.  With n8n you can move beyond simple integrations to build multi-step workflows that combine both 3rd party APIs and your own internal tools to create easy-to-use automations.  Thanks to its fair-code distribution model, n8n will always have visible source code, be available to self-host, and is free to use.