AI in the Enterprise
17d ago

Meta's new chatbot says the company 'Exploits people for money!'

AI in the Enterprise
18d ago

Top 10 Promising AI Startups of 2022

AI in the Enterprise

Avantra: SEW-EURODRIVE Increases Monitoring Efficiency in SAP ERP and Smart Factory Operation with Avantra

AI in the Enterprise

Avantra: 3 Unexpected SAP Cloud Challenges and How to Conquer Them

AI in the Enterprise

Avantra: Gordon Food Service Employs Avantra For Smooth Financial Processes With AIOps

AI in the Enterprise

Genestack: AI in Life Scienes

Industry Leaders

Dr Eric Cole

Founder and CEO of Secure Anchor Consulting
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Richard Stiennon

Chief Research Analyst at IT-Harvest
  • Bugcrowd: Using Crowdsourcing to Detect Critical Vulnerabilities

  • GitGuardian: Secrets in the Source Code Need Protection

  • Beyond Identity: CIAM and Hitting a Balance Between Security and Customer Friction

Susan Walsh

Founder and MD of The Classification Guru
  • Solidatus & HSBC: From Months to Minutes - The Benefits of Automated Data Sharing

  • Yellowfin: Transforming Business with Analytical Data

  • ActionIQ: How the Data-Driven Revolution is Impacting CX

Chris Steffen

Researching Director at EMA
  • Siemplify: Trends in Remote Security Operations

  • Menlo Security: Emerging Trends in Cloud Security

  • Digital Transformation and Attack Surface Management

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