Top 10 Vulnerability Management Providers for 2021

Published on
27/09/2021 09:38 AM

Cybersecurity and data breach risks are everywhere these days. As companies continue to move more of their processes into the digital world, new challenges arise in terms of protection and safety. Vulnerability Management tools are just one of the many software solutions today’s companies can use to identify, categorise, and even minimise vulnerabilities. 

Learning to manage vulnerabilities isn't easy, but with the right technology, you can easily pinpoint missing patches, unsecured system configurations, and other security-related issues with your technology ecosystem. The right investment could save your business from falling victim to serious threats and compliance violations in the long-term. 

Today, we’re going to be looking at ten of the top vulnerability management providers for 2021, and what makes them so effective.

Qualys Vulnerability Management

Among the best-known companies in the world for vulnerability management, Qualys offers an extensive tool for assessing and responding to vulnerabilities in your business landscape. You can use this technology to instantly scan all of your IT assets in the cloud and look for potential problems. The automated system requires minimal intervention from users, making it ideal for all business sizes.

Qualys has a host of exciting features to offer, from agent-based detection to real-time constant monitoring and alerts, comprehensive coverage, and visibility, and VM support for the perimeter-free world. Qualys can even help you to rediscover forgotten devices and see points of potential attack you may never have noticed on your own.

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Nexpose by Rapid7

A comprehensive on-premises vulnerability scanner, Nexpose by Rapid7 is one of the top-rated products on the market for security and compliance today. You can use the technology to track your risk level at any given moment, with real-time insights into your entire network. A prioritisation system means you can tag the problems you need to respond to quickly and send IT information on how they can implement changes. 

The Rapid7 Nexpose software is popular for its easy-of-use, comprehensive functionality, and ability to mitigate security threats with speed. There’s also a range of complementary tools available from Rapid7 for things like vulnerability exploitation management.

Promising companies an easy way to see and understand their risk level, Tenable is an immersive all-in-one solution for overcoming vulnerabilities in the digital world. The convenient technology is easy to explore and use, with a risk-based security centre where business leaders can view their entire attack surface at speed. You can check everything from on-premises IT to cloud and container environments with one system. 

Managed in the cloud, the solution is one of the most comprehensive end-to-end vulnerability systems available today. This technology can even help predict which of your security issues will most likely lead to breaches and immediate problems.

F-Secure Elements

Previously known as F-Secure Radar, the F-Secure Elements portfolio is a tool for scanning, finding, and managing vulnerabilities in your network. This security ecosystem will give you a risk-based view of your attack surface, including your web apps, software’s, and IT network, so you can find and prioritize areas of potential exploitation. 

The vulnerability management technology is cloud-based and easy to deploy across your entire business environment. You can also set up automatic reporting for all kinds of things, including third-party scams, brand violations and phishing sites. Users can manage F-Secure Elements in the cloud or access a fully outsourced and managed service from a certified partner.


Flexera vulnerability management promises to give businesses more control over their networks with better visibility. The vulnerability platform helps companies to identify and publish patches to third-party security applications. You can update and secure more third-party solutions with this technology than with any other vulnerability management tool on the market. 

The Flexera environment is clean and simple to use, with patch management and vulnerability control in one comprehensive solution. You can use the software to assess, prioritize and fix software vulnerabilities at speed. Plus, there’s extra visibility into your software management processes too. Flexera even gives you the option to automate patching.


One of the better-known platforms for vulnerability management, ThreadFix centralizes all of your testing data from different environments into one place, so you can control everything with one dashboard. You can also ingest scan results from formats like DAST, SAST, and SCA technology.

ThreadFix provides a comprehensive view of your risk from applications and their infrastructure, so you can make intelligent decisions about how to protect your data and become more compliant. You can also use this technology to give you an insight into which vulnerabilities you need to tackle first. The service can correlate and de-dupe files between applications.


An impressive vulnerability and risk management platform, Tripwire helps companies to enhance threat detection throughout their entire organisation. With visibility into applications, cloud technology, and on-premises technology, Tripwire can cover everything at once, and give a complete view to your IT or OT leaders. 

One of the biggest benefits of Tripwire, aside from its flexible and scalable design is its integrated VM, so you can easily add VM solutions as often as you like to your ecosystem. There’s also access to actionable reporting solutions and various other accompanying tools within the Tripwire ecosystem, like industrial visibility services.


Acunetix offers companies a way to improve their web application security, with vulnerability scanning, assessment, and management. The comprehensive application security testing offering can work to show companies behind the scenes of their applications, to ensure they never miss any potential areas of attack. 

To help you save resources and time, Acunetix also comes with a range of tools which allow you to automate your vulnerability management and scanning strategies. You can automatically run vulnerability tests according to your schedule and implement immediate fixes in some cases. There are also tons of integrations for boosting visibility everywhere.

Beyond Security

Designed by HelpSystems, Beyond Security is a simple and effective tool for automating and enhancing vulnerability management. Ideal for smaller companies, this technology will give you a comprehensive view of your applications and networks in an easy-to-understand and visual environment. There’s extended detection and response with machine learning built-in, static application security testing, dynamic application testing, and so much more. 

With Beyond Security, companies get a flexible and low-maintenance solution for vulnerability tracking and automation. You can even access a range of built-in integrations with third-party applications to significantly reduce manual interventions required from security teams.

SaltStack SecOps

SaltStack SecOps is one of the top tools in the world, named vulnerability management solution of the year by the CyberSecurity Breakthrough Awards. The SecOps solution is the first IT and security system to deliver continuous vulnerability and compliance remediation for digital technology at scale, from a single automation and orchestration environment. 

The SaltStack technology will scan and detect potential issues and automatically remediate any problem with an available repair package. This makes it much easier to keep companies as secure and compliant as possible, with minimal work.