Top 10 GRC Tools

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25/10/2021 10:39 AM

Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC) tools are quickly gaining more attention in the digitally transforming world. As companies continue to invest in new opportunities for growth, data management, and user experience, it’s crucial they take GRC standards into account. The right software can be crucial to ensuring companies can manage all the necessary processes and documentation they need for enhancing productivity and preparedness.

The top 10 GRC tools on the market today help companies to comply with everything from the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) to the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR). Here are some of the most appealing options to consider.

10. MetricStream GRC

Built around the three dimensions of risk, MetricStream GRC promises to help companies track all potential problem areas in their business. With this software, business leaders can keep an eye on things like environmental issues, cybersecurity breaches, and stakeholder engagement, while tracking things like data movement in the business too.

Full risk, compliance, and auditing systems give you a complete view of your company for agility and resilience purposes. You’ll also be able to unlock features like third-party risk assessment when it comes to checking the risk level of a potential partner or vendor.

9. SAI360

Popular among companies of all sizes, SAI360 isn’t just a GRC technology, it’s a comprehensive system for cloud-based risk management processes. You’ll access everything from business continuity tools, to vendor risk assessment, internal audits, and EHS in the same environment. The comprehensive technology focuses on monitoring third parties with access to your systems, automating workflows to fill crucial gaps, and creating a culture of compliance.

SAI Global was named a challenger in the 2020 Magic Quadrant for IT risk management by Gartner, and it’s one of the most comprehensive offerings on the market today. This solution even comes with things like digital risk assessment and ERM technology built-in.


Built by one of the most popular technology innovators in the current marketplace, the SAP GRC platform offers top-of-the-line big data management and analytics tools. Meaningful insights combined with reports for risk analysis and business management helps companies to operate at their top speed without compromising on safety.

SAP’s solution comes with features like risk analysis, so you can track the potential problems in your business landscape and make immediate changes to avoid violations. You’ll also have access to things like Access Request management and business role management to help with wider company growth.

7. Resolver

Offering a fully customisable and configurable risk management platform, Resolver is an industry-leading service for governance, risk and compliance management. With this state-of-the-art software, companies can deliver best-in-class GRC programs with a convenient all-in-one technology ecosystem. There are even tools available for automating your processes, so you can accomplish more when upgrading your business.

Risk management processes, compliance and ethics management, and auditing solutions are all bundled into the same cloud-based package from Resolver. There’s also support for things like incident reporting, vendor risk management processes, and so much more.

6. OneTrust

The leading tool for operationalising your business, OneTrust has earned the respect of over 10,000 customers around the world. With a comprehensive range of privacy, risk, compliance, and governance solutions OneTrust ensures you can always manage your data as effectively as possible. You’ll have access to everything from awareness training and privacy management on the same platform.

Data discovery and classification helps to combine streams of information from multiple environments into a single solution for compliance purposes. The simple and streamlined interface also makes it easier for businesses of all sizes to find the crucial company information they need for auditing purposes.

5. ZenGRC

Built by Reciprocity, ZenGRC is a complete ecosystem of safety and compliance tools for GRC. Intended to help companies move beyond the basics of “check the box” compliance, Reciprocity equips organisations with a convenient, streamlined solution, powered with award-winning customer service and industry leading GRC teams.

ZenGRC solutions equips organisations with quick and convenient tools for tracking risks and overcoming compliance issues. You’ll be able to align all of your information in one place, and there’s access to plenty of documentation and learning resources to help you make the most of your ecosystem too.

4. LogicGate Risk Cloud

Designed to help companies tackle all their risk needs in one flexible, extendable platform, LogicGate Risk cloud is a state-of-the-art solution. A no-code intuitive workflow builder with hands-on assistance included from GRC experts ensures you can design the risk management strategy that’s right for you. The GRC technology from LogicGate helps risk managers and other professionals understand how issues and problems are connected on the business back-end.

LogicGate makes it easy to track risks and implement potential solutions with speed. At the same time, the platform offers an excellent environment for managing and organising information for compliance and auditing purposes.

3. ServiceNow

A well-known name in the digital technology landscape, ServiceNow has its own dedicated GRC solution designed to empower better business decision making. The Governance Risk and Compliance technology helps companies to improve resilience by tracking data across multiple environments in a unified space. You can gain real-time visibility into your everyday business operations, and access tracking tools for collaboration with internal or external teams.

ServiceNow’s software also serves as a valuable tool for project management in many cases, allowing employees to connect over shared insights and reports. Dynamic dashboards and easy-to-understand reporting features make this product extremely easy to adopt.

2. LogicManager

A compelling choice for risk management processes and compliance, the LogicManager platform prepares companies for all kinds of future threats, with state-of-the-art risk data. The GRC solution from this company comes with specific use cases and technology for industries like financial services, government, education, healthcare, and technology. Similar to some of the other top-rated GRC solution, this technology speeds up the process of collecting and managing data.

Users of LogicManager can benefit from everything from rapid report building and file management, to extensive customisation options. The system also helps companies with bridging risk data insights across all business silos, so you can build a more unified business.

1. RSA Archer

The RSA Archer platform is a tool designed to support business-level management of governance, risk and compliance matters in the enterprise. As the foundation behind all RSA Archer GRC solutions, the platform allows business users to adapt a broad range of solutions to suit their requirements, building new applications and integrating with external systems easily. The RSA archer offering helps develop the company’s GRC program based on industry best standards.

Commended as a leader in the Gartner Magic Quadrant for IT risk management processes and vendor risk management tools, the Archer platform is a top-performing solution for all kinds of companies, with no extending coding or database development required.

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