Top 10 Cloud Communications Platforms

Published on
17/01/2022 12:05 PM

Cloud communications platforms are quickly emerging as a mandatory investment for today’s businesses. In a world defined by remote and hybrid working, cloud communication tools help to bring teams together through chat, voice, SMS, and other channels too. 

The best cloud-based platforms not only provide access to various forms of communication, but they also align those various channels for better tracking and analytics throughout the end-to-end business ecosystem. Today, we’re going to be looking at some of the leading cloud communications platforms on the market, and what makes them so compelling. 



Twilio stands as one of the most flexible cloud communications platforms on the market, offering companies a wide variety of ways to connect their communication stack. Twilio offers VoIP, SMS, and video conferencing, among other communication methods, through “programmable communications”. This essentially allows businesses to access API solutions for bringing voice, video, and messaging into their applications.

The flexibility of the Twilio ecosystem means companies can easily leverage all of the communications tools they need to improve both customer service and collaboration, without having to rip and replace existing technology.



Similar to Twilio and many other leading communications platform providers, Plivo supports companies in building a state-of-the-art communication system. The Plivo platform gives companies a foundation on which they can build aligned, simplified, and personalised communications with APIs.

Regarded one of the top cloud communication platform providers in terms of customer satisfaction, Plivo clients benefit from exceptional ease of use, and a range of helpful tools designed to make communication easier. You can access consulting support from Plivo to help get your communication platform up and running, and the complex applications available are simple to use by design.



An innovator in the world of CPaaS (Communication Platforms as a Service) and UCaaS, Vonage is a top contender in the cloud communications world. The Vonage Business Communications environment enables conversations across the globe through SMS, voice, messaging, social media, video, and more. Vonage also promises an exceptional 99.999% uptime, and more than 50 business phone features to choose from.

For growing companies, Vonage offers excellent flexibility, with access to a host of mobility and collaboration tools, perfect for the future of hybrid work. The VBC environment is also supported in more than 40 countries, with more than 96 world numbers for inbound calling.



Another creative communications company taking a programmatic approach to business growth, Telnyx helps companies build comprehensive communication systems with APIs. Widely regarded one of the fastest-growing companies in the CPaaS space, Telnyx boasts excellent customer satisfaction levels, and fantastic ease of use.

The APIs available to empower your cloud communications platform from Telnyx range all the way from simple SMS messaging and calling APIs, to a direct connection to leading tools like WhatsApp. You can also implement tools for verification, and elastic SIP trunking, to bring voice capabilities into your existing app structure. 



Intermedia promises companies a comprehensive all-in-one cloud communications platform, ideal for the future of hybrid and remote work. The cloud communications system combines video, chat, phone, file sharing, email, and contact centre technology into one simple environment. 

Intermedia’s extensive approach to unified communications and contact centre technology in one space means teams working in the distributed landscape don’t have to waste as much time jumping between applications to stay productive. The Intermedia technology can even integrate seamlessly with existing leading tools like Exchange email, Microsoft Teams, and the Microsoft 365 productivity tool ecosystem. 



Advertised as one of the most connected cloud communications platforms for modern companies, Infobip offers over 650 direct global telco connections across 6 different continents. The number one choice for rapidly scaling customer communications, Infobip is suitable for both businesses and developers. 

You can design and orchestrate engagement activities through a full-stack communications platform, and integrate any channel into your business workflows with programmable APIs. Infobip combines global reach and presence, with tools for endless personalized customer communications and collaborative experiences. There’s even access to 24/7 support for teams who need it.



Promising exceptional control and redundancy planning for your communication stacks, ThinQ by Commio is an easy-to-use solution for cloud communications. The platform combines fantastic rates with access to more than 40 high-quality carriers, and endless fantastic APIs for communications tack customisation. The powerful SaaS platform can scale according to your needs, with fantastic call and messaging quality anywhere.

ThinQ supports voice API integrations, call routing technology, extensive phone numbers with global number options, text messaging, and toll-free voice. You can even unlock access to database management solutions too.



Voximplant is a flexible and easy-to-customise communication platform which puts high-quality voice first. Within the platform, companies can access a wide range of SDKs and APIs for video, voice, messaging, SIP trunking, and natural language processing. You can add communication APIs to your cloud environment in no time, with plenty of opportunity to scale over time. 

The unified PSTN, SIP, WebRTC calling and conferencing platform, also offers access to convenient programmable messaging and video calling. With a full serverless environment, you can get to market faster with no XML interactions required.



The Kandy cloud communications platform promises companies everything they need to integrate voice, video, chat, messaging, and collaboration into any service, app, or business process. Kandy provides CPaaS (Communications Platform as a Service) support, with APIs, marketplace access, and WebRTC. There’s also a full suite of UCaaS tools available. 

Kandy is also unique in its ability to offer “Wrappers” which enable enterprises to improve customer engagement experiences via easy-to-use applications. The excellent customer service and simple technology of Kandy is ideal for all kinds of companies.



The Whispir platform enables organisations to improve their communications strategy and deliver more timely, actionable, and useful content when users need it. Whispir focuses on messaging technology, with templates for email, social, web and other communications options. There are also extensive workflows for automating various aspects of the digital landscape. 

With Whispir, companies can also unlock contact management tools, to improve the way they track customer relationships, and mine data for useful insights through extensive, state-of-the-art reports. The more in-depth your reports, the easier it is to make the right business decisions.