Siemplify: Trends in Remote Security Operations

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Siemplify: Trends in Remote Security Operations

Security operations teams are charged with detecting and responding to threats in their organisations, and this job could not, unlike others, be put on hold until businesses return to pre-pandemic 'normal' and go back to the office. Professionals have had to quickly adapt to the remote working transition and all the challenges that come with it: a new title (remote security operations), new security operations centre (the home), and new security threats (the ‘COVID hackers’).

In this podcast, Chris Steffen, Research Director at Enterprise Management Associates (EMA), speaks to Nimmy Reichenberg, Chief Marketing Officer at Siemplify, about the current state of remote security operations. Nimmy discusses the matter in relation to the results of a recent survey involving nearly 400 security professionals from across the globe. Following this, he delves into the impact remote security operations is having on organisations. To end with, he explores the 'trend' of remote working and how it will progress throughout 2021.

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