Siemplify: Modernizing Security Operations

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The MSSP arm of Atos is responsible for ensuring the protection of large numbers of businesses from its nearly 15 security operations centers. For alerts through response, the customer base of Atos counts on the swift handling of threats before any potential damage can spread.To meet this imperative, Atos relies on automation and orchestration (SOAR) technology from Siemplify to streamline everything from case creation to containment and remediation.

For security teams, the ability to get priority work done while also responding to the right alerts is invaluable. Automation is a logical solution, but it's not as simple as just deciding to do it and then automating your way out of all your pain points.  

In this case study, we distill Atos’ journey to building a modern and robust security operations function that secures this company's U.S.-based customers and services leading brands from around the world.