The Bridge Episode 1: The Future of Work

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The Bridge Episode 1: The Future of Work

Over the course of this podcast series, we’ll be exploring a variety of themes that represent some of our key strategic pillars and look at how these impact our customers and the wider business world. You’ll hear from a wide range of guests, who’ll share their expert knowledge and their insights as to how technology represents a bridge to the future – of business and beyond.

Each episode, we host a panel discussion on the topic in hand and wrap up with a final segment “Technology Bytes” featuring a deeper technical analysis on the challenges and innovations that our theme represents.

In this first episode, host Tony Davitt is joined by Jeetu Patel and Rod McCarthy to take a look at the future of work. Their engaging conversation covers; what that really means in a post-pandemic world, how businesses can and should adapt, and what the wider implications are for humanity. Also featured is Gerry Keleghan who offers a more technical analysis in our Technology Bytes section.

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