RSA Security: The Human Factor in Digital Risk

Published on
20/04/2020 01:33 PM

RSA Security: The Human Factor in Digital Risk

The human factor in digital risk has surfaced as an important consideration for businesses. This is largely due to the era of digital transformation, which necessitates that organisations embarking on this journey understand the risks now more than ever.

Joining us to lend his expertise on the matter is Russel Ridgley, CTO UK & Ireland at RSA Security. In particular, Russel outlines the part that humans play in digital transformation and risks. Furthermore, he details the challenges associated with the double-edged sword that is third parties; while they are necessary for a successful transformation, they also introduce a number of vulnerabilities. As well as this, Russel explores the digital risks associated with public, private, and hybrid cloud resources and how to mitigate them.

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