Top 10 Web Application Security Solutions

Published on
28/08/2020 08:19 PM
Web application security solutions

Cyber security comes in a lot of different shapes and sizes these days. Businesses need secure systems to protect their networks, their computers, and even the conversations they have over the web each day. As the digital world evolves, one of the most valuable components of the security landscape, is the rise of web application security solutions.

What Is Web Application Security?

Web application security tools protect websites and online services against a host of threats. These tools work to defend organisations against anything that might exploit a vulnerability in an application’s code. There are countless vendors who depend on web application security solutions to keep their businesses up and running. This includes companies that create database administration tools, developers of SaaS applications, and more.

Top 10 Web Application Security Software

Here’s your insight into 10 of the best web app security solutions available right now.


An industry-leader in application security, Synopsys delivers web app protection by giving businesses the tools that they need to enhance app performance and reduce security risks. Through cloud-based services, you can conduct comprehensive app analyses to check that everything in your code is working as it should be.

Synopsys also makes it easier to find and fix issues with security and quality in your code as its developed. That means that you can stop problems from happening in advance! The Seeker application from Synopsys is particularly helpful for automating web application security testing in your pipelines.


A market leader in security, Cloudflare protects businesses from a wide selection of threats, ranging all the way from cross-site scripting issues, to SQL injections. Cloudflare has services for companies struggling with DDoS attacks, or cross-site forgery, and can even help with things like data breaches, or buffer overflow.

At the heart of Cloudflare’s solution for web app security is the WAF (web application firewall). This firewall protects applications against dangerous traffic by placing an extra layer between the app and the threat. Cloudflare also offers the Anycast network as a service for defending against DDoS and other service attacks. The wide range of features available from this company helps brands to build the bespoke security system that’s best suited to their app.


Barracuda is a company committed to digital security and data protection. With Barracuda, companies can implement tools to protect them against brute-force web attacks and DDoS. There are dedicated tools for blocking automated attacks and malicious bots, and an automation system for enhancing your everyday safety levels.

Barracuda’s central web application protection service is its web application firewall, which protects both APIs, and mobile apps, as well as web applications. The system promises secure app delivery, increased availability, and excellent business-level controls. You decide exactly who has access to your app at any given time.


Forcepoint is an innovator in the SaaS market for application security. If you want to keep people and services safe in the cloud, then Forcepoint has you covered. Offering complete visibility into your application strategy, Forcepoint makes it easier to see where the gaps in your application strategy are. The company offers dedicated support for BYOD policies, alongside web application firewalls and automated security systems.

Forcepoint is particularly useful companies looking to unify their on-premise and cloud security strategies. You can create an all-in-one safety environment that eliminates the silos in your business and makes secure applications easier to manage.


Imperva web application security is all about keeping businesses up and running, while keeping your number of potential risks as low as possible. Taking a multi-layered approach to application security, Imperva promises that your apps stay secure, while offering excellent user-friendly experiences.

You can tap into API security with automatic security testing and seamless integration with leading tools. There’s also advanced bot protection for any forward-thinking companies experimenting with AI and machine learning. Imperva even offers web application firewalls to constantly protect your system with an extra layer of defense.

WhiteHat Security

Recently named a leader in the Gartner Magic Quadrant for application security testing, WhiteHat Security helps businesses to protect and secure critical data. The apps available from WhiteHat make it easy to automate various aspects of your security strategy and manage problems with compliance or risk. There’s even artificial intelligence built in for a more advanced solution that learns as you use it.

WhiteHat delivers web application protection through the Sentinel application platform. This service comes with access to everything from software composition analytics, to automatic API protection and management.


Providing a complete range of security solutions to modern businesses, Mimecast gives today’s leaders more peace of mind. The complete cloud-based platform covers everything from email security issues, to application vulnerabilities. You can protect your apps against malicious activity and malware and detect threats instantly with automated services.

Mimecast even makes it easier for businesses to reduce the complexities involved in managing data according to compliance standards. Custom quotes for services means that you can build the security system that works best for you.


A company committed to true end-to-end security, Netacea makes protecting your business easier with high-performance tools to protect against DDoS attacks, malware, and other threats. At the heart of the Netacea approach to web application security is the WAF (firewall). Companies can get a personalised demo of the firewall and other features in action before signing up for Netacea services.

Customers can also build on their security strategy with things like bot management services, account takeover protection, web scraping protection, and so much more.


A crucial part of protecting your business from threats, is making sure that you have complete visibility into your apps, and how they work. Datadog is a solution that gives businesses that crucial visibility. With the easy-to-use interface, teams can detect security threats instantly across all applications, and the wider network too.

The automation features in the Datadog service make it easy to accelerate and improve your cyber security investigations. You can break down information silos between operation teams and developers and prevent further security problems in the future. Datadog also integrates with more than 400 leading digital tools, including AWS CloudTrail, G Suite and more.


A leader in vulnerability risk management and cloud SIEM, Rapid7 is paving the way to better security and privacy for businesses of all sizes. The solutions available for web application security from Rapid7 include visibility tools for detecting potential risks and attackers, vulnerability assessments, and automated security actions.

If you need some help protecting your business from future safety issues, Rapid7 also provides consultant services and managed support. The company is already responsible for handling security for some of the world’s leading brands, including Domino’s, and Harley Davidson.