Top 10 Privileged Access Management (PAM) Solutions for 2023

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Top privileged access management vendors

As companies evolve in a new world of remote and hybrid work, security strategies are changing. Privileged Access Management (PAM) solutions keep organisations secure by managing privileged accounts and monitoring access to critical business resources.

Why Should Businesses Pay Attention to the Best PAM Solutions?

They allow companies to assign capabilities and access to individual people based on their position within the business. This helps to reduce the number of people in an organisation with access to sensitive data and services, adding an extra security layer that protects business systems and ensures better compliance and governance with data regulations. Learn more about the importance of privileged access management tools.

Top Privileged Access Management Vendors 2023

Of course, not all PAM solutions are made the same. We’ve compiled ten of the best PAM software for 2023, examining features such as password management, MFA, session activity monitoring, and reports.

Symantec Identity Security

Broadcom’s Symantec Identity Security is a comprehensive identity security system designed to balance excellent user experience with exceptional digital trust. There are PEDM services available through the agent-based server control product for Linus, and Windows. You’ll also have access to a range of discovery capabilities too.

Symantec can also adapt to offer a range of additional features through integrations. Users can improve their chances of mitigating suspicious activity with integrations to things like the Symantec Threat Analysis system, or the Governance or Administration tools.

WALLIX Bastion

A leader in Privileged Access Management, WALLIX is a security specialist with a range of tools for managing your governance strategy. The company also provides session managers, access managers, password manager technology, and Privilege Elevation and Delegation Management options. You can even unlock an Application-to-Application password manager system.

Ideal for companies of all sizes, WALLIX supports secure remote access via HTML-5 secured connectivity, Zero-standing privilege security policies and a range of other tools. You can get your PAM technology managed as a service or deploy it through the cloud. There’s also a fantastic central console where you can monitor all your security requirements.


JumpCloud user management is a tool controlling user access to resources via secure Multi-factor authentication single sign-on features. This reduces the need for the use of multiple passwords. Users can access all servers and workstations from one location when signed in. There’s SSH key management, robust password management, and a range of admin policy settings too.

JumpCloud provides a full-stack directory platform to companies in search of a higher level of compliance, governance, and security. You’ll also access live support from the JumpCloud support team to help you make the most of the various services available.

Krontech Single Connect

One of the leading PAM solution providers for Telecom companies, Krontech offers features like advanced network scanning and discovery, alongside a configuration management database, and a host of IT service management tools.

The comprehensive environment has tons of features to keep teams secure wherever they are, including remote authentication dial-in services, terminal access controller access systems, and a dynamic password controller with an exceptional vault system. The Single Connect platform has something for every compliance and governance demand.


A combination of privileged and remote-control access is what you can expect from the BeyondTrust environment. This software landscape allows businesses to store passwords in secure on-appliance vaults or access the BeyondTrust password safe delivered as a software solution. Both tools support the BeyondTrust injection capabilities for credentials, which allow for the secure management of credentials at any point during the sign-in. The solution also comes with access to secure monitoring capabilities, with auditing and tracking capabilities accessible in a single space.

Admins can set notification and authorisation preferences at their will and receive alerts when a user accesses privileged remote access. There’s also plenty of support for remote worker-friendly support so that administrators can monitor mobile device usage.


The Centrify Privileged Access Service is a popular cloud-ready tool designed to handle all kinds of PAM requirements. You can access IP address and password information in a secure vault that only authorised users can explore. There’s also MFA at the vault level to help you with confirming user identities and analysing the context of each login. Once a user finishes a session, credentials are rotated automatically to ensure they can’t use the same ones twice.

Centrify’s service is available as a complete SaaS solution, reducing the demand for client system resources by lowering the need for software installation. Because everything is cloud-based, it integrates well with other software solutions.


Foxpass supports self-service SSH key and password management via password rotation and MFA. Admins can set their password requirements easily using a simple back-end interface. There’s also a full API solution for automating server access control, changing user information, and addressing group membership subscriptions.

The API can log and monitor authentication requests to give admins more insights into who uses various critical systems. These logs are also suitable for compliance and governance purposes. The PAM solution provides powerful security, and it’s highly scalable as a cloud or on-premises service. The service also integrates with third-party products like Google, Microsoft Office, and Okta.

Osirium PAM

As a specialist in access management, Osirium PAM offers a comprehensive suite of features to protect privileged accounts and sessions. With an intuitive userface and friendly UI, its PAM solution balances security and productivity by removing risky local administrator rights from users, while at the same time allowing escalated privileges for specific applications. It stores all privileged credentials in a secure vault protected by strong encryption, preventing unauthorised users from accessing credentials – even if they are able to compromise a system.

Osirisium’s award-winning Task and Process Automation solution also automates complex, multi-system processes securely, assigning them to Help Desk engineers or end-users to free up valuable IT resources. This not only boosts productivity but also reduces the risk of human errors and security breaches, ensuring that all policies are enforced and full audit trails are maintained.

Arcon PAM

As an industry leader in the Gartner Magic Quadrant, Arcon stands out as a reliable PAM solution for companies of all sizes. Arcon’s granular access control enables companies to design their security infrastructure the way they want. Users can build a unified access control and governance framework to monitor privileged identities on-prem,on-cloud, in a distributed data centre, or in a hybrid environment.

Arcon also automates frequent password changes and secures dynamic passwords in an MFA-protected vault. Through its PAM tools, companies get native, software-based OTP validation to verify the identity of users. It also integrates with additional authentication solutions if you want to build new layers of authentication into the system.


An award-winning company in identity and access management, CyberArk offers a comprehensive Privileged Access Manager to keep your business and its assets secure. CyberArk is the only PAM provider that can provide full protection from advanced and insider threats to protect companies from risks and meet compliance requirements. It can support any device and has more deployments in large-scale distributed and virtual environments, solving more privileged access security challenges than any other vendor.

With CyberArk, credentials are available for automatic rotation, and IT teams can also choose to audit and record various privileged sessions in a repository with high-level encryption. Recordings also include video playback with views of specific activities and keystrokes. Both modules integrate fully with the Standard solution, and CyberArk comes with a range of on-premises, SaaS, and cloud deployments.