Signals Analytics: The Role of Analytics and Market Intelligence in eCommerce

Published on
15/12/2020 02:37 PM

Analytics and market intelligence have become indispensable for brands shifting to e-commerce and are imperative to giving companies a competitive edge. However, it's up to e-commerce businesses to expand the types of data they leverage and the way they are utilised in order to truly tap into the benefit of analytics.

Joining us to share more on the matter is Kobi Gershoni, Co-Founder and Chief Research Officer at Signals Analytics. In this insightful podcast, Kobi gives an overview of how data and analytics are typically used to drive decisions for businesses doing business online, as well as the shortfalls of traditional market intelligence methods. He also talks about the challenges and opportunities posed by COVID-19, and how to fill in the blind spots that the seismic shifts in the market have created for brands. Finally, Kobi provides examples of how companies have succeeded in leveraging a wide variety of structured and unstructured data and the role that AI plays into this.