Signals Analytics: Using Advanced Analytics to Navigate the E-Comm Boom

Published on
25/01/2021 02:13 PM
Link to video on Youtube

A webinar hosted by Signals Analytics' Co-Founder and Chief Research Officer, Kobi Gershoni, titled “Using Advanced Analytics to Navigate the E-Comm Boom," explores the rise in e-commerce during the COVID-19 crisis and what it has taught us about this and more:

  • Which COVID-19-related topics brands should be thinking about when building their strategies
  • How to forecast and predict personalized messaging to improve ROI
  • How to plan and modify your campaigns based on trends analysis, connecting to your product claims and audience value
  • How to access new data sets for better market intelligence
  • What it means to go beyond syndicated and retail sales data to get a deeper understanding of the e-commerce channel
  • Why navigating e-commerce with analytics is so difficult and how new capabilities like product clustering solve the problem