Order-To-Cash Platforms in an AI World

Max Kurton

Implementing AI to automate sales and financial duties is nothing new, but recently there has been a lot of discussion related to AI powered Order-to-Cash platforms. In nearly every sector, reducing waiting times means reducing costs, but Order-to-Cash AI can also be the key to customer retention and expansion while also speeding up financial processes. In 2021, we are attempting to bounce back from a massive disruption, but that disruption has meant the development of new technologies that allow organisations to excel. Securing customers and retaining pre-existing customer bases has been cited as the biggest challenge to 61% of companies, so could Order-to-Cash platforms be the answer?

Joining us on this EM360 podcast is Mark Sheldon, CTO of Sidetrade. In this episode, Mark delves into the the impact of Order-to-Cash AI on sales and finance teams, how payment intelligence software can benefit ROI and cost reduction as well as the top considerations for organisations to be aware of before investing in AI for their sales and finance teams.