2021 in Review: A Wild Year for Enterprise Tech

Published on
24/12/2021 10:43 AM

Hello everyone, 

I can’t believe it’s time to write another yearly recap. I feel as though I wrote the 2020 review just yesterday. After thinking back over the last 12 months, I believe the buzzword of 2021 should be ‘adapt’. If we cast our minds back to January, we were still dealing with a lockdown for the first half of the year and then we had to return to the office, which meant a hybrid working style.

For some companies, this had them searching, “what is an effective hybrid working style?” and then doing their best to make sense of it. The great resignation has been plastered all over the news for months as people look for new opportunities to align with their new working attitudes, which teams and managers have had to adapt to in order to make everything continue running smoothly. This has meant that IT teams have had to adapt to how people are connected and, more importantly, secured.

Luckily, with these new challenges of adapting, your friendly neighbourhood production team at EM360 have been putting together content for the past 12 months around all these hard-to-fathom concepts. We’ve done everything we can to keep our fingers on the pulse and provide you with the educational content that aims to help your company thrive during this time. Whether that be data-driven transformation, all things ransomware and security threats, SD-WAN and SASE, using AI in unified comms, and understanding emerging technologies and companies.

We really did put our focus this year on videos and podcasts as we wanted to make accessing content as easy as possible. When it comes to the numbers, you’ve been enjoying the video content this year, with 412,600 minutes spent watching our videos, which is just mind-blowing, and we’re glad you’ve found our content helpful.

Our other primary source of content is podcasting. We made sure we tackled so many issues across our many series - EM360 Podcast, Next Phase of Cybersecurity, and Data Transforming Business to rack up a grand total of 2,700 minutes of talking (that’s 45 hours!). During that time, we brought in industry leaders to, rather than boast about their accomplishments, offer tried and tested advice to people experiencing the same issues in other organisations. Because of this, we saw a huge increase in viewers to our website to consume all of this new information with over 20 million impressions throughout the year. We really did feel the community spirit this year because if we can grow as a community, then everyone is better off, and we can push the B2B tech space to new heights.

In saying that, when I write the 2022 year in review precisely 12 months from now, I don’t want the theme word to be adapt. I want to focus on two words; unity and growth. We pride ourselves on our tagline ‘home to the global tech community’, and in 2022 we are going to make that even more of a reality by offering you a space to share ideas and raise each other up. If we’ve learnt one thing from the past 24 months, it’s that nothing is guaranteed or certain.

Instead of adapting to whatever challenge comes our way, why don’t we support each other through sharing ideas and problem-solving solutions which can genuinely make a difference and, therefore, enable us to see real growth not only in our company earnings but in our teammates, our team members, our ideas, and ourselves.

Even if we have another 12 months of uncertainty ahead of us, we need to stop being reactive and putting our professional and personal growth on hold and, instead, start being ahead of the curve by supporting each other regardless of personal viewpoints to safely and realistically achieve our goals.

Unity and growth for 2022 is a fingertip away if we utilise our networks correctly and get advice from people who have done it before or have a different way of looking at challenges.

Let’s start normalising asking for help in all aspects of business because a fresh perspective could be just what you need to solve that problem. Here at EM360, we promise to provide you with the best educational content in the B2B tech space. With our fantastic team of advisory board members and analysts, we are always a quick message away to address any issues you might be facing.

We thank you so much for your continued support over the past 12 months, and we can’t wait to share new and exciting things with you in the New Year. We hope you all have a relaxing holiday break, whether spending time with loved ones or just recuperating and relaxing; we can’t wait to welcome you back home to the global tech community in 2022. 

Max Kurton

Head of Content