Technimove: The Science Behind Cyber Security & Cyber Resilience

Published on
23/03/2022 03:33 PM

How can you boil the key practices and nuances of cybersecurity down into an easily digestible and visually striking format?

Technimove, an industry leader in data transformation, has created the ‘Science of Cyber Security & Cyber Resiliency Periodic Table’ to help enterprises fully understand the digital threat landscape. 

'Elements' on the table include Next-Generation Firewalls (NGFW), Data Loss Prevention (DLP), Phishing Defence, Endpoint Detection Response (EDR), Identity Access Management (IAM), and so much more.

The cybersecurity periodic table "helps to provide end to end value that protects businesses and hardens their security posture whilst mitigating risk"

With attackers using more sophisticated techniques to compromise attack vectors, technology giants are now focused on reducing the attack surface and bolstering defences.

However, in addition to understanding the technology layer and cybersecurity frameworks, enterprises must deploy best practice guidelines, design, and architecture to ensure that they don’t leave or create attractive attack vectors for malicious attackers to take advantage of.

In this podcast, EM360 Head of Content Max Kurton speaks to Andy Ramgobin, Principal Technology Evangelist at Technimove, to discuss:

  • Why the cybersecurity periodic table was created and the implementation of a layered technology approach
  • People, processes, and policies - the foundational principles of security 
  • DevOps and its relationship with the "breaches will happen" mindset
  • Cybersecurity quick wins

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