Proofpoint Episode 1: 2020s Biggest and Boldest Insider Threats

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How has the insider threat changed? What are the new insider threat profiles and how can you address them? Do you understand your exposure and know where your risk is? In this brand-new, 3-part podcast series The Inside Line on Insider Threats with Proofpoint, cybersecurity experts come together to talk about insider threat management (ITM). 

Joining Dr. Eric ColeFounder and CEO of Secure Anchor Consulting, in the first episode of the series are Andy Rose, Resident CISO, and Vincent Merlin, VP Marketing EMEA & APJ, at Proofpoint. The pair lay the groundwork on insider threats, discussing its definition and the current landscape. Vincent also examines the effective, pragmatic practices CISOs need to implement to reduce these cyber-attacks, the risks posed by third-party vendors, and the tricks outside hackers use to gain insider access. Additionally, Andy explores the impact of insider threats on organisations by drawing on real-world examples of the biggest and boldest incidents of 2020, before highlighting what we can learn from them. The podcast ends with a conversation about top tips for managing insider threats and how to protect your organisation from this growing risk.


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