Proofpoint: The 10 Biggest and Boldest Insider Threats of 2019 and 2020

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Over the last two years alone, insider security incidents have jumped 47%, with the average cost per incident up 31%. That risk is only increasing in an era of remote working and distributed teams. Today, anyone with insider access—outside contractors, consultants and vendors—can pose an insider threat. Many organisations are learning that the hard way.

Download our e-book to explore some of the biggest insider attacks of 2019 and 2000—and what you can do to avoid similar threats. You'll learn:

  • The unexpected ways insiders can steal money, disrupt business and tarnish your brand
  • How third-party vendors can pose as big of an insider threat as your employees
  • Tricks that outside attackers use to gain insider access
  • Tips for managing insider threats and risks in your organisation

Download the e-book now for a glimpse into the reality of this growing threat.