The Bridge Episode 3: Optimising Application Experience

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The Bridge Episode 3: Optimising Application Experience

Over the course of this podcast series, we’ll be exploring a variety of themes that represent some of our key strategic pillars and look at how these impact our customers and the wider business world. You’ll hear from a wide range of guests, who’ll share their expert knowledge and their insights as to how technology represents a bridge to the future – of business and beyond.

Each episode, we host a panel discussion on the topic in hand and wrap up with a final segment “Technology Bytes” featuring a deeper technical analysis on the challenges and innovations that our theme represents.

In this month's episode, we tackle an area of increasing importance to a broad range of businesses. How can companies optimise their applications for their operations but more importantly for their customers? Our host, Tony Davitt is joined by Ed Smyth, APM Lead at Verizon Connect, Tjerk Bijlsma, Principal Architect / CTO Cloud at Cisco, and Roger Dickinson, Business Solutions Architect at Cisco to find out more.

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