Top 10 SOAR Solutions for 2019

Published on
13/12/2019 07:38 AM

Security orchestration, automation, and response, or SOAR, is a stack of compatible software solutions intended to help companies collect valuable data. The information collected using SOAR allows organisations to understand security threats coming from various sources and respond to low-level events often without human input. The goal of a SOAR stack is to enhance the efficiency of the digital and physical business security operations.  The term "SOAR" applies to products and services in IT that help with the definition, standardisation, and automation of incident response systems. Today, we're going to be looking at some of the most popular and well-regarded SOAR solutions in the marketplace.


Finally, LogRhythm offers a SOAR solution for modern companies that can help to banish resource constraints and improve security measures at the same time. The SOAR solution from LogRhythm, SmartResponse, can automate workflows and accelerate threat qualification and investigation in any business environment. This makes it easier for companies to manage their time more effectively and also dedicate human resources to complex incident response tasks. 

LogRhythm supports everything from endpoint quarantining, to the collection of machine data, suspension of network access, and more. With this simple, accessible tool, you can instantly upgrade your security automation strategy and get your business running more efficiently. 


The RSA NetWitness Orchestrator is a state-of-the-art comprehensive security automation and orchestration solution intended to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of security operations. Hundreds of pre-configured and customisable playbooks are available to streamline and automate incident response and management. 

RSA NetWitness supports interactive investigations among and between analysts, as well as offering complete incident management tools. The Orchestrator manages all the aspects of an incident lifecycle in a single common platform. This includes evidence collection, documentation, and SLA tracking. There's also support for real-time execution.


The DFLabs company is a true market leader in cyber incident response, security, and data management. Delivering one of the world's most impressive award-winning SOAR platforms, SOAR gives companies all the tools they need to make the most out of their security and automation efforts in virtually any environment. 

The DFLabs SOAR platform, IncMan, serves CSIRTs, SOCs, and MSSPs that automate, measure, and orchestrate security operations and incident response processes in the same intuitive environment. By fusing intelligence, integrating leading security tools, and sharing knowledge via seamless workflows, IncMan SOAR allows for the easy detection and management of every security incident. 


The primary component of the Splunk SOAR system is the Visual Playbook Editor. The VPE allows developers and business teams to construct sophisticated yet simple Phantom Playbooks with drag-and-drop functionality. Even people without coding knowledge can build playbooks graphically while the VPE generates code behind the scenes in real-time. Splunk also offers canvas and function blocks so you can design specific automation processes for individual workflows. 

If you're looking for a custom approach to managing your SOAR strategy, Splunk offers one of the most bespoke tools on the market. With Splunk, you can explore options to define security actions, filter data, and also make crucial decisions in real-time. 


Security orchestration and automation practices are a fantastic way for businesses to improve their response times, reduce risk exposure, and update process consistency today. FireEye's SOAR solution is intended to help companies get the most out of SOAR processes by simplifying and improving security operations from end-to-end. 

FireEye connects disparate tools to give teams better control over their incident response process while saving on time and resources. FireEye also drives organisations ahead of the competition, with real-world front-line investigation experience and repetitive task automation.


The Swimlane SOAR platform is another exceptional tool intended to help organisations manage the growing number of alerts and notifications in their security systems. With Swimlane, business leaders can automate crucial and time-consuming incident response processes. What's more, the solution collects security data from almost all security platforms with minimal effort. Thus, it can automatically respond to alerts using playbooks and pre-set workflows. 

Swimlane executes perfectly optimised security-related tasks at machine-level speeds during the incident response process. This is from detection through to investigation and resolution. Consequently, this frees up business staff to focus on more advanced threat defence. 


Rapid7 offers SOAR strategies through InsightConnect, their security orchestration and automation solution. InsightConnect allows teams to accelerate and streamline their most time-intensive processes without needing any kind of coding background. There are more than 200 plugins available from Rapid7 to connect crucial tools and create custom workflows. This means teams are free to tackle a variety of challenges outside of repetitive tasks. 

Rapid7's InsightConnect is designed to help companies achieve more in less time while still allowing plenty of room for human decision making. With InsightConnect, you can go beyond relying on point-to-point integrations of your technology stack and start making decisions for real business growth. 


A leading provider of enterprise-grade IT process automation solutions, Ayehu is one of the most reliable companies on the market when it comes to SOAR technology. The brand was mentioned in Gartner's most recent publication on leading vendors of security automation, analytics, and reporting tools. 

Ayehu provides today's organisations with a wide variety of IT process automation solutions to choose from so that they can resolve critical incidents, simplify workflows, and maintain greater control over their IT infrastructure. Major organisations across the globe trust Ayehu. As well as this, the company currently supports thousands of IT processes worldwide too. 


The Cybersponse brand has a dedicated CyOPs platform called "CyberSponse" which provides holistic enterprise-ready security orchestration and automation tools to modern companies. Designed to empower today's security operation teams, the CyOPs solution gives today's leaders the power to work smarter. One way it does so is by offering almost real-time responses to errors and issues. 

Similar to ThreatConnect, the Cybersponse team also offer a range of playbooks that companies can access to automatically pull alerts from their SIEM environment. CyOPs also offers alert triage using various threat intelligence feeds while blocking malicious indicators using email gateway and firewall integrations. 


ThreatConnect is a company in the IT security landscape that's committed to helping businesses reduce their workloads and make more informed decisions about their future. The ThreatConnect intelligence-driven automation and orchestration tool offers companies faster, more repeatable, and more innovative processes in a single platform. 

Additionally, the ThreatConnect playbooks are available to automate virtually any cybersecurity task using simple drag-and-drop functionality. Triggers like phishing emails and IP address indicators automatically transfer data to apps to perform a range of functions. These vary from blocks to malware analysis. Once enabled, these triggers can run in real-time to provide detailed information to business leaders.