Top 10 Threat Intelligence Platforms for 2023

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Threat Intelligent Platforms

Cybersecurity has never been more important in 2023. With cyber threats lurking around every corner and new technologies like AI increasing the attack surface, building robust cyber defences to protect your business is no longer optional.

What Are Threat Intelligence Platforms?

Threat intelligence platforms combine various cybersecurity tools in a single environment so that you have all the tools to keep your business secure at your fingertips. These powerful platforms automate the collection, aggregation, and reconciliation of external threat data, giving you the best threat insights to pinpoint issues in your network before threats strike.

While there are a variety of platforms and tools on the market, choosing the best threat intelligence platform for your business is crucial to reducing threat risks relevant to your network.

Top Threat Intelligence Companies in 2023

In this comprehensive guide, we'll explore ten of the best threat intelligence platforms and tools for 2023 to help you choose the best platform to safeguard your digital assets.

Kaspersky Threat Intelligence Portal

Kaspersky’s Threat Intelligence Portal brings together the expertise of thousands of cybersecurity experts into a single, powerful threat intelligence platform. It automatically detects threats and lets you look up any threat indicator you consider suspicious – from files, and IP addresses to web addresses. You also can submit addresses you consider suspicious to to quickly validate and prioritize alerts and incidents using risk levels and supporting contextual information to determine which of them are real threats.

Kaspersky offers both a free and paid version of its threat intelligence platform. The analytic tools built into the free Threat Intelligence Portal give detailed information about how suspicious a file is and in what specific aspects. Meanwhile, its paid version provides detailed reports on detected cyber threats written up by the top analysts it gives access to. And if a file is recognised as a threat, the newest and most detailed is available right then and there in the full version of the service


Offering full insight into your company’s potential threats, Proofpoint promises to help businesses overcome cybersecurity issues, fast. The Proofpoint platform can offer industry-leading efficacy against both non-malware and malware-based threats. The offerings also prevent email fraud, reduce your chances of ransomware, and provide secure platforms for business communications.

With Proofpoint threat intelligence, business leaders can access ET intelligence dashboards that provide all the context needed to understand where an issue came from. You’ll get condemnation evidence, reputation intel from each attack, and detection information too. The portal is intuitive, searchable, and great for creating personalised reports.


Helping companies to make better decisions in real time, the SolarWinds threat intelligence platform includes impressive real-time logging feeds. What's more, this platform comes as part of a complete security event management system. You can use the convenient user interface to track malware, botnet, and DDoS attacks as they happen, and implement tools to defend your data from infiltration.

The threat intelligence system flags events with cyber intelligence frameworks, letting you know how dangerous potential issues can be. You can also set up detection automation so that you constantly have a system watching over your operations, checking for signs of attack. All that, and SolarWinds provides state-of-the-art analytics for immersive insights too.


CrowdStrike is a well-known security solutions company offering state-of-the-art protection for businesses of all sizes. CrowdStrike offers its threat intelligence platform in the form of Falcon X Automated intelligence. This service has three levels, starting with a tool that automatically investigates incidents and accelerates responses. You can also add further threat intelligence to the mix with reporting from Crowdstrike experts, helping you get ahead of the criminals.

The most advanced threat intelligence service from the company, Falcon X Elite, gives your team access to dedicated intelligence analysis. This ensures that you can implement personalised protection strategies for your company.


Imperva provides its threat intelligence platform through ThreatRadar, a web application system that reduces your risk of falling victim to cybercriminals. This threat intelligence platform gives businesses the tools they need to collect data and transform it into actionable insights about cyber threats, accurately and efficiently.

There’s a reputation service that lets you filter traffic with information based on real-time information, and a community defence system for constant updates. You’ll also have access to bot protection with automatic DDoS detection and account takeover protection too. An emergency feed delivers all the latest signatures instantly to help mitigate the zero-day vulnerability.


Promising contextual, real-time insights into the global threat environment, BitDefender’s Advanced Threat Intelligence platform is a leading tool for business protection. Fuelled by the Global Protective Network that supports over 500 million systems, this advanced system collects data from sensors worldwide to give you a real-time view of the potential risks that could be coming for your business.

With BitDefender, companies can benefit from accelerated incident response with contextual and actionable threat indicators. You’ll also get a unique insight into the latest threats and how they’re trying to attack your business with quality resources that provide accurate insights. What's more, BitDefender can offer you expert support from patented intelligence labs, so your security system just keeps getting better.


Defined as an operational support and decision-making platform for cybersecurity, ThreatConnect helps companies defend their operations with a complete suite of features. This is the only solution available today that combines threat intelligence with cyber threat quantification, orchestration, automation, templated workflows, and analytics all in one place. You can even access dedicated incident response teams.

The ThreatConnect platform offers security and support relevant to your industry, role, product, or need, with dedicated solutions to suit any requirement. You can get dedicated tools specifically for healthcare and government brands, or explore solutions for specific issues, like threat hunting and vulnerability management.


Powered by curated sources of threat feeds that are continually processed, prioritized, and mapped against the Mitre Att&ck framework, CTM360 serves as the one-stop hub for your threat intelligence needs. It provides a curated feed of threat reports so that you can identify threat actors and gain deep insight into the techniques, tactics and procedures they use in an attack. It also gives detailed information about active APT groups, providing essential insights into the activities and TTPs.

With CTM360, you can cut through the noise and simplify the process of detection with automated threat intelligence. The platform seamlessly generates targeted security campaigns and scans through deep and dark webs to uncover data leaks. It also protects your team from all sorts of online fraud - from social media fraud, business email compromise, doorway pages, and phishing attacks.

Anomali Threat Intelligence

The Anomali Threat Intelligence platform is a one-stop solution for businesses looking for next-level threat intelligence and protection. Offering threat visibility and detection at incredible speed, Anomali combines intelligence with turnkey integrations to give you a platform like no other.

Anomali’s intelligence-driven security suite optimises threat intelligence in a single platform to increase the speed of threat detection and proactive measures. You can set up automation within your network and access in-depth knowledge about potential breaches instantly. Anomali’s platform is also excellent for growing businesses, with the ability to scale at will.

IntSights (Rapid7)

Acquired by Rapid7 2021, IntSights combines threat intelligence, data and tools to help cybersecurity professionals threats as quickly as possible and detect vulnerabilities before they happen. With Insights, you benefit from some of the industry’s most comprehensive tools and services on the market, each fused with intelligence, orchestration and automation to reduce risk and bolster defences.

While IntSights remains a separate brand and website, Rapid7 has also integrated IntSights technology into its own Threat Command platform. Together both companies combine threat intelligence with community-infused security to improve response and action to cyber threats and free up time to focus on already-stretched security teams.