AskTheExperts: The Rise of Blockchain in Identity Management, featuring Global CIO ACI Speciality Benefits Ryan Fay and Senior Cybersecurity Consultant GBprotect Mark Hellbusch

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Enterprise Management 360’s AskTheExperts podcasts are a space where the industry’s top professionals come together to debate the latest trends, research and future insights. In this session we cover The Rise of Blockchain in Identity Management with Global Chief Information Officer for mental health benefits provider ACI Specialty Benefits Ryan Fay and Senior Cybersecurity Consultant for GBprotect Mark Hellbusch.

Cybersecurity threats are on the rise and are constantly becoming more sophisticated. This has engendered support for using blockchain technology as a way to secure and upgrade identity management. As a result, blockchain startups have begun exploring more decentralised data management systems by joining forces with financial, tech and government organisations. The aim is to thwart large-scale cyber-attacks and identity fraud. Our panellists discuss and deliberate this rising trend and share their views on current and future applications.

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