Barracuda: How inbox defence protects against increasingly sophisticated attacks

The impact of cyberattacks on organisations is widespread not only from a financial standpoint, but also the operational disruptions, damaged brand reputations, and trust within the organisation. Traditional email security solutions aren’t enough to protect businesses anymore. Processes need to be in place to actively defend against sophisticated email threats. These threats are often able to bypass defences by using numerous backdoor techniques.

In this podcast, Olesia Klevchuk, Senior Product Marketing Manager at Barracuda explores different email threat types and what measures can be taken to protect organisations. To begin with, Olesia explains some of the thirteen threats we’re currently seeing and the impact of these on organisations. Then, she outlines what gateway protection is and how this can be beneficial. Further to this, she explains how API-based inbox defence is implemented and what attacks it can block. Finally, Olesia showcases the strategies that organisations can implement to stay on top of rising risks.