Barracuda: Protecting your business from cyberthreats in 2020

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Cybercriminals are launching more attacks than ever. They’re also morphing their techniques; in 2019, they unleashed a variety of new types of attacks and used a range of new tactics to try to increase their success. From spear phishing and sextortion to account takeover and ransomware, cybercriminals continue to evolve the threat landscape in an ongoing attempt to outsmart more potential victims and further monetize their attacks.

As cybercriminals hone their approaches, attacks are becoming more targeted, sophisticated and costly. With spearphishing attacks, for example, which are highly personalized, cybercriminals research their targets and craft carefully-designed messages, often impersonating a trusted colleague, website or business.

Like other attacks, spear-phishing emails typically try to steal sensitive information, such as login credentials or financial information, which is then used to commit fraud, identity theft and other crimes. Cybercriminals also take advantage of social engineering tactics in attacks, using urgency, brevity and pressure to increase the likelihood of success