Appdome: SolarWinds Advisory – What the U.S. SEC’s Actions mean to Mobile Brands

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The U.S Securities and Exchange Commission's (SEC's) SolarWinds indictments are having major implications for every aspect of cybersecurity, including mobile app security. 

The SolarWinds indictment and SEC's four-day rule pose significant challenges for DevSecOps teams. SolarWinds' case highlights the importance of timely security measures and the implications of the new disclosure rule. Despite touting quality DevSecOps practices, the company's failure to address identified vulnerabilities led to profound consequences. The SEC's scrutiny and overuse of risk acceptance waivers underscores the need for effective security protocols.  

Traditional DevSecOps processes and tools may not align with evolving regulatory demands and cyber risks. Innovative technology like Appdome offers solutions to bridge these gaps and enhance security without compromising development timelines. It's crucial for organizations to adapt to these changes, prioritizing cybersecurity while ensuring efficient app delivery.