The Top 10 MFA Providers in 2022


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22/02/2021 09:48 AM
The Top 10 MFA Providers in 2022

Security is a critical concern for any business. Not only do today’s companies need to keep their own data safe, but they need to prove to their customers that they can protect them too. Failure to deliver the right results in security and privacy could mean that you lose the trust of your target audience or end up with a fine from a regulatory body. 

Multi-Factor Authentication, or MFA, is a solution intended to improve business security on several levels. With MFA technology, companies can add extra authentication measures to their strategies for privacy and safety. Multi-factor authentication asks users to combine something they know (a password) with something they have (a code sent to a smartphone), to reduce the risk of a breach.

Here are some of the most popular MFA solution providers for 2021


One of the market leaders in MFA, Auth0 is a convenient and simple solution that helps businesses to support and empower their teams. This platform provides an intuitive environment where companies can authorise, authenticate, and secure access to critical devices and applications. Already, the company boasts a range of high-level clients, including Atlassian, Mazda, the Economist, and many others. 

Auth0 is easy to implement into any business environment and comes with a range of customisation options to choose from. Companies can embed the Auth0 technology into their applications and websites to keep consumers secure too. 

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Symanetic VIP

Promising easy secure authentication, anywhere, Symantec VIP is a quick and convenient identity management solution for businesses. If you want to improve the security of your team members when they’re accessing data files, applications, and web accounts, then Symantec VIP can help. The fully cloud-based solution offers a convenient and user-friendly design. 

Symantec VIP doesn’t just support MFA, it also comes with features for reporting, single sign-on, risk-based authentication, and more. Credentials supported through Symantec are tamper resistant, and companies can even use QR codes to create credential wallets so that employees don’t have to remember as many passwords. 

Ping Identity

Multi-factor authentication from Ping Identity gives business leaders the solution they need to reduce data breaches and security issues. The Ping system offers various identity management features, including single sign-on, directories, and multifactor authentication. Distributed through the cloud, the solution is quick and easy to access. You can also build your own integrations with the Ping API. 

Focusing primarily on context-based adaptive authentication, Ping Identity strengthens security in any landscape, without reducing team productivity. Ping users can even leave passwords in the past, with things like mobile push confirmation, and QR codes instead. Building a secure and customisable MFA solution with Ping Identity is quick and easy. 

Duo Security

Duo is a market leader in authentication and MFA solutions. Offering a range of options for companies that need to enable secure logins, Duo helps businesses to minimise security risk. You can verify your identity through a mobile app, with “approve” or “deny” buttons, or you can access hardware tokens and mobile passcodes. 

Unlike some MFA vendors, Duo is also experimenting with cutting-edge technology, like biometric screening for security. A user with Face ID on their smartphone could use their own image for multi-factor authentication. Duo provides scalable solutions for companies of all sizes and a convenient dashboard that’s easy to use. 


One of the better-known options for MFA technology, LastPass has taken the world by storm. With LastPass, you don’t just get MFA, you can also access a full identity and access management system where your employees can store and share information. LastPass supports business users in accessing accounts safely and securely, with biometric and contextual factors available. 

You can use this service to streamline identity management for your business admins, improve password protection for employees, and even automate identity authentication across accounts. LastPass also benefits from being extremely easy to use, whether you’re a consumer or a business owner. 

Google Authenticator

A convenient solution delivered through Google Cloud, Google Authenticator promises companies a lightweight and convenient way to protect user and company data. You can access everything from push notifications to Android and iOS device alerts. There’s phishing-resistant Titan Security Keys for those with higher security requirements, and Google’s FIDO keys have never been breached. 

Google Authenticator is a fantastic choice for any business that’s already invested in the Google ecosystem for things like document sharing and productivity. Available through the cloud, the MFA solution also comes with reporting and analytics for business leaders. 

RSA SecureID Access

Conveniently created for companies making the shift into the cloud, RSA SecureID Access is an enterprise-level solution for MFA and access management. This fantastic service gives administrators the power to enforce risk-driven policies for authentication across the organisation, with a range of authentication methods to choose from, including biometrics and push notifications. 

RSA makes it easier for organisations to move users to new options for identity confirmation too. You can support legacy software and hardware tokens, while simultaneously accessing new opportunities through push notifications and third-party custom applications. There are plenty of policy adjustments and controls to customised based on your security needs too. 


Innovators in digital transformation and security, Okta provides MFA for companies for all sizes. This simple solution secures access for all your business accounts, authenticating employees, customers, and partners alike. Okta’s service is secure and simple, with an intuitive admin portal that enforces MFA across the business landscape. 

Okta prompts your users to verify their accounts based on contextual factors, and you can also use other identification methods, such as security questions, one-off passcodes, mobile apps, and biometric readings too. Okta is feature-rich and convenient. Unlike other services, it’s not entirely reliant on access to a smartphone, either. 


OneLogin allows business leaders to securely manage the way that employees access applications and tools behind a secure firewall. For those in search of stronger security for private and critical business information, OneLogin offers a trusted identity and access management solution. You can choose between one-time passwords sent to your email, SMS, or smartphone, and there are biometric factors too. 

OneLogin even integrates with other third-party solutions for better security, such as Duo security, Google Authenticator and more. Alongside MFA, you can also get your single sign-on solution from OneLogin, as well as adaptive authentication tools, user provisioning, unified directory management and compliance reporting tools. 


Authy is a two-factor authentication solution created specifically for the smartphone era. The service includes a Rest API that developers can use to build MFA technology into their existing enterprise tools. Intuitive MFA experiences make Authy popular with companies from a range of backgrounds. The service works on a variety of devices and delivers helpful insights and reports over the cloud. 

Customers love this solution because it’s convenient and quick to use. All you need to do is create a token to authenticate an identity and log into a service. Authy helps to prevent fraud and information breaches, and it can be convenient if you’re trying to implement 2FA across multiple aspects of your business operations.