Top 10 SOAR Companies to Watch in 2024

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08/12/2020 09:39 AM
Top SOAR Companies 2024

SOAR, otherwise known as Security Orchestration, Automation, and Response, is an essential consideration for any growing business. Designed to support organisations collecting valuable data, SOAR technology makes it easier to track and analyse potential threats from various sources. The more visibility your business has, the better you can tackle risks and reduce security issues. 

Best SOAR Companies

As the amount of data we interact with continues to increase, so does demand for SOAR technology. Today, there are a host of businesses ready to help you take your first steps into discovering the benefits of SOAR for yourself. Read also about best SOAR solutions



One of the better-known companies in the technology landscape, IBM is popular for it’s intelligent approach to security management. The SOAR solution from IBM provides business leaders with a resilient way to respond to cyber security threats as quickly and efficiently as possible. IBM’s technology captures and codifies your incident response processes into immersive dynamic playbooks that empower and inform your team. 


If you’re looking for an effective way to accelerate and orchestrate the responses that your company can take to various data security attacks, IBM has you covered. You’ll even get an intuitive back-end environment where you can visualise security incidents to better understand their origins. 

For more information on SOAR check out this whitepaper.

Palo Alto Networks

Recently enhanced with the acquisition of Demisto, the Palo Alto Networks SOAR platform offers access to various valuable tools for business growth and security management. Palo Alto Networks advertises its solution as the most comprehensive on the market, with 90% faster response rates and a huge range of more than 500 integrations to choose from when building custom workflows.


This innovative SOAR solution comes with a built-in marketplace, and over 16,000 DFIR members; you can even control SOAR solutions from your smart device with mobile applications. This technology will also give you better intelligent insights into which issues require human attention, and which you can manage with automation. 



Standing out as one of the best options for SOAR technology, the Siemplify solution supports organisations of all sizes with a complete security operations platform that goes beyond the standard SOAR functionality and includes interactive investigation, crisis management, embedded business intelligence and more in a single platform. Siemplify is also the top rated SOAR solution on Gartner peer insights. 


With an easy-to-use interface, pre-packaged use cases and cloud-native deployment, Siemplify will enable you to respond to threats as quickly and effectively as possible. 



Swimlane’s exceptional SOAR platform uses extensive automation to replace time-consuming and error-prone manual processes. With Swimlane, companies have the freedom to automate security-critical tasks during their incident response strategy. With fewer repetitive processes to worry about, your team is free to focus on the more advanced and creative elements of threat defence.


Swimlane technology conveniently collects security information from various platforms in your business with minimal issue. You can address everything from threat detection through to resolution and investigation in the same convenient platform. Swimlane even offers handy video content to help get you started. 


Promising businesses the opportunity to make better decisions with data, ThreatConnect provides an easy entry point into intelligence-driven operations. This innovative company will help you to track operations in your company, while offering insights into places that you may be able to improve productivity and efficiency. 


With flexible playbooks, robust integrations to third-party tools, and a host of other benefits to consider, ThreatConnect ensures that organisations can build a reliable feedback loop for their security team. With a single source of truth and a central location for data management, ThreatConnect can transform the way your business works. 


Splunk is a leading solution in the SOAR marketplace, giving companies the freedom to harness the full power of their security strategies with better orchestration, automation, and response. One of the things that makes Splunk particularly impressive is its Visual Playbook Editor, or VPE, which allows both developers and non-developers to construct and customize complex Phantom playbooks using drag-and-drop tools. 


When you’re constructing a playbook with the graphical tools, the VPE will generate all the code that you need to support that technology in the backend. Advanced users have the freedom to launch new playbooks with the VPE interface, then transition them to the integrated editor later. 


The leading SOAR solution from Rapid7 allows organisations to improve and streamline security operations in various areas. With Rapid7, you can use intuitive tools to handle things like threat and vulnerability management, incident response, and security operations fast. With a single point of truth for all of your data, compliance reporting is much simpler too. 


SOAR from Rapid7 is extremely comprehensive, with hundreds of plugins that allow you to customise your experience and create unique workflows. Rapid7 focuses on bringing flexibility, collaboration, and extensibility to the security environment.  


Respond to incidents faster with LogRhythm, an immersive SOAR solution designed to keep your business one step ahead of security issues. The LogRhythm solution is the perfect tool for modern companies that need to better understand security issues, without taking on additional resource constraints. The tool works across the NextGen SIEM platform to automate and accelerate workflows in threat qualification and response. 


Promising to make threat management easier for businesses from all background, LogRhythm comes with a SmartResponse solution that allows you to determine which threats require greater skill and creativity, and which just need standard automated responses. 


Cybersponse, now owned by Fortinet, is a fantastic SOAR solution intended to help security operations teams achieve better efficiency and faster incident response rates. As the number of digital threats facing companies continues to evolve, security teams need more advanced defense capabilities to protect themselves, and their end-users.


The FortiSOAR security solution remedies some of the most pressing challenges facing today’s cybersecurity teams, so they can focus on developing a more efficient business environment. Fortinet and Cybersponse eliminate the fatigue of tracking issues from end-to-end so that enterprises can adapt and optimize the security process. 


Cyberbit is a company best-known for its solutions designed to train employees with crucial digital skills. The company also has its own SOAR offering, however, known as SOC 3D, which can help business leaders with things like orchestration, automation, and big data investigation processes. The service comes with a convenient and easy-to-use playbook builder to help leaders guide their employees in the right direction too. 


With in-depth playbook editing components available, organisations can better facilitate fast and effective incident responses. The Cyberbit Range system also means that you can access training on how to use your new SOAR product too.