Top 10 Open Source Firewalls for 2022


Published on
02/08/2022 09:27 AM

As the number of hackers, criminals, and data thieves in the world continues to increase, companies everywhere are on the hunt for the right protection to preserve their digital environments. An open source firewall is a form of ever-evolving technology, intended to guard the border between internal and external networks. 

Open source security solutions are often the ideal choice for companies with specific safety needs, and unique requirements. You can adjust these economical environments to suit your infrastructure, and access a range of features for routing and networking capabilities. 

Today, we’re going to be looking at some of the most powerful and reliable open source firewalls for those looking to create an agile security ecosystem in 2022.



Lesser-known than some of the options on this list, UFW stands for “Uncomplicated Firewall”, and it’s a system built on the Python programming language. The solution is great for developers in search of a convenient command line interface with minimal bells and whistles to get used to. The technology is frequently updated to deliver higher levels of accuracy and control. 

With UWF, you get an Ubuntu-ready solution capable of managing the entire Linux kernel packet system (netfilter) for your business. While some coding knowledge is necessary for this tool, it might be an ideal solution for companies in search of advanced configuration options.



IPCop is a Linux Firewall solution built to support both home users and businesses alike. This service has no graphical interface of its own, so it’s better-suited to people who are familiar using command line technology to keep their ecosystems secure. The software does require some technical knowledge, but it’s great for those in search of lightweight security features. 

The versioning is updated regularly to give you more control over your IP traffic, and provides an easy way to implement policies for your entire ecosystem in one convenient place.



One of the better-known complete open source solutions on the market, OPNSense is a security offering based on FreeBSD technology. The stateful firewall supports both IPv4 and IPv6 connections, with a live view on blocked and supported traffic. Business leaders can access multi WAN capabilities for load balancing and failover, as well as hardware failover solutions.

OPNSense also supports SD-WAN setup, and solutions for virtual private networking for companies supporting a growing range of hybrid workers. Added components like intrusion detection and prevention, two-factor authentication, and custom routing protocols make it easier for business leaders to develop the ultimate secure environment from scratch.



A high-rated and well-known solution among open source firewalls, IPFire was developed on top of Netfilter. This versatile, state-of-the-art security solution prioritises ease of use and high performance in any scenario, for the agility modern businesses need. The firewall engine and intrusion protection system actively work to protect networks from denial of service attacks and similar threats. 

With IPFire, you get access to a superior, hardened firewall environment, consistently managed and enhanced by community developers from around the world. The lightweight and powerful software also uses a dedicated Intrusion Detection System for evaluating network traffic and finding potential exploits immediately. Attackers are blocked directly when threats emerge.



Shorewall is another well-known gateway and firewall configuration tool built for GNU/Linux. This state-of-the-art technology works seamlessly on network and routers, as well as virtual machines. Promising no less than 7 layers of application control, Smoothwall provides companies with an easy way to manage their network and track bandwidth activities. 

Originally, this product was designed for the education environment, but it’s quickly evolved to become a highly flexible system for all kinds of companies and groups. The three interface system makes it easy to set up firewalls, routers, and DMZ technology as per requirements. There’s even support for users from a UK-based community.



The Linux firewall app from ClearOS allows administrators to manage their entire technology ecosystem from one simple environment. Though there’s a pre-built solution available, you can also create your own custom networks and configurations with advanced firewall rules. The unified threat management solution has over 120 add-ons and extensions available for extra security too. 

ClearOS also offers ClearVM for managing multiple firewall deployments across virtual machines, Linux distributions, and Windows operating systems. This easy-to-use technology is great for beginners with extensive customisation needs.



Otherwise known as the “Endian Firewall Community”, the Endian firewall is an open-source firewall and UTM solution in one. Offering a variety of tools to allow users to specify how network information flows through their technology stack, Endian is great for customization. There’s also plenty of documentation to guide you through the process of getting your system set up. 

Accessible for free, the Endian software is great for companies looking to build their own security infrastructure from scratch. The turnkey Linux solution comes with access to a range of open-source extras, like anti-virus and malware protection. There are also tools for building your own VPN defence systems for people connecting to your network remotely.


Perimeter 81

A pioneer in the world of open source firewall functionality, Perimeter 81 offers companies access to a “firewall as a service” experience. This flexible solution provides comprehensive access to configurable cloud access management. Companies can implement custom policies to their resources, and segment groups based on their role or location. 

The “Firewall as a Service” (FWaaS) system comes with various filtering rules for accessing network objects, including services like Telnet and HTTP, and IP addresses. There’s also an easy-to-use interface for admins attempting to keep track of their digital infrastructure. Perimeter 81 is even compatible with all devices across Android, Linux, Mac, iOS, and Windows servers.


Widely regarded one of the world’s most trustworthy open source firewalls, PfSense is perfect for businesses of all sizes. This solution makes it easy to unlock extensive network security solutions for small and larger companies alike. The PfSence ecosystem is built on top of the most reliable platforms, to ensure a consistent level of performance and stability. 

This environment comes with access to a ton of documentation to help you get started with customising your firewall experience. You can also access a range of extra options from the PfSense team, including specialist design, security, and implementation services, training, and guidance. For growing companies, virtual appliances are available too.


Arista Edge

Arista Edge NG Firewall, otherwise known as Untangle firewall is a next-generation open source security solution. Built to make managing your network and tracking resources quick and simple, the Arista Edge “NG” firewall provides a singular modular platform to suit any organisation. The system is browser-based, and the responsive interface can allow administrators to track valuable metrics at any moment, from any device. 

With Arista Edge’s technology, you not only get next-generation filtering and premium performance, but a range of added features too. There are deep analysis reports and insights to guide you in making decisions for better quality of service. You can also implement tools for proactively stopping phishing attacks, malware, and hacking attempts.