Natural language processing (NLP) is one of the most exciting sub-sections of the artificial intelligence (AI) landscape today. This unique technology uses algorithms in AI to pick up on trends in human language. Used correctly, companies can automate crucial processes, like sending customers to the right agents for their needs. NLP solutions can also unlock opportunities like sentiment analysis for customer relationship management. 

As more companies search for AI solutions that can help them understand their customers and processes better, the demand for NLP is increasing. Here’s your guide to some of the most popular options for NLP on the market

Semantic Machines and Microsoft

Semantic Machines is a leading NLP company focused on developing the technology required to transform the way that we interact with machines. This pioneering company believes that conversational AI will soon be crucial at the heart of all business and consumer interactions.

The Semantic Machine brands develop novel models for NLP and dialogue processing. Additionally, Semantic machines also supports tasks like speech synthesis, deep learning, and linguistic domains in AI too. It also operates as part of Microsoft, helping the company create some of its most innovative AI achievements.

Amazon Lex

Amazon Lex is the NLP service from Amazon that helps businesses build conversational technology into any of their applications using a combination of text and voice. With Lex, companies can tap into various deep learning functionalities. This includes NLP and automatic speech recognition, among others. You can also use these technologies to create more engaging user experiences through applications. 

Amazon Lex is a fully managed service which scales automatically with your company. Therefore, you don’t need to worry about handling your own infrastructure.

IBM Watson

Watson is the solution at the heart of the IBM approach to AI and machine learning. In particular, it provides companies of all sizes with an opportunity to tap into natural language processing and understanding for the creation of bots, applications, and other platforms that can facilitate human-computer interaction. 

With Watson Assistant, businesses can create NLP applications that understand customer and employee language and respond to individuals in human-like conversational settings. Furthermore, you can implement multiple languages into your application and seamlessly connect your creation to various web environments and channels too.


Mobvoi, a company that initially launched in 2012, focuses on harnessing voice AI integration and software-to-hardware integration. The company hopes to create a new generation of machine-to-human interaction, creating more natural and intuitive ways for people to connect with machines. This technology-driven company has delivered a series of amazing end-to-end human-computer interaction solutions, including speech signal processing, natural language understanding, and more. 

Mobvoi is also responsible for a lot of the technology that supports things like Google Glass, Android Wear, and iOS voice search.


Inbox Zero might sound like a far-fetched dream, but Netomi is making it a reality. This company’s solution provides instantaneous automatic resolutions to everyday support tickets. In particular, it promises to give time back to employees while delighting your customers.

With its AI capabilities, you can multiply your workforce without actually upping your headcount. What’s more, their proprietary intent classification models can understand what your customers need, no matter how they ask.


parlamind is bringing the future of intelligent communication to the present to enable omnichannel automation for more quality and efficiency in customer service. Their offering is driven by state-of-the-art software, NLP, and machine learning to analyse, route, and autonomously answer incoming customer communication.

parlamind works alongside its human counterparts to complement their efforts, optimise customer service processes, and deliver the best possible experience.


Thanks to AnswerRocket, the days of waiting a while for reports are long gone. Through a powerful combination of logic and reasoning, this offering makes best-in-class language generation possible. By harnessing NLP, your team can enjoy asking questions and getting answers in seconds. 

In particular, AnswerRocket’s conversational search makes it easy for employees to explore data using natural language, all through one simple-to-use interface. 


TaskUs delivers next-generation customer service solutions, bolstered by natural language understanding and natural language processing tools. With this offering, companies take advantage of automated processes to deliver solutions to their customers faster than ever before.

What’s more, TaskUs provides back office support for companies, as well as AI training and social network content moderation services. TaskUs is also particularly notable for its rapid scaling capabilities.

Digital Genius

Digital Genius concentrates on delivering better customer support by automating repetitive processes. It also aims to help companies understand their customers better. With this offering, you can tap into deeper understandings of what your clients need through deep learning and automated APIs, among other innovative technologies. 

With Digital Genius, you can also access NLP tools that integrate with some of your existing software, such as Zendesk and Salesforce.


Twiggle deploys some of the most advanced creations in machine learning, AI, and NLP on the market. Created to support eCommerce experiences that are more relevant and engaging for clients, the company can help businesses get to the bottom of what client interactions special. 

Twiggle offers solutions for search technologies built on human interaction, like developing a deep understanding of the linguistic structure, so that client search engines and bots can mimic the behaviour of real-life sales agents