Top 10 ICS Security Solutions for 2023

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ICS security solutions

What Are ICS Security Solutions?

In 2023, more enterprises are falling victim to cyber-attacks than ever before. An Industrial Control System (ICS) security solution is designed spot attacks before they happen, simplifying, enhancing, and securing industrial process control. While this technology has been around for quite some time, it remains an essential part of the technology stack for many industrial brands.

The right ICS security solutions not only help teams with monitoring important data in the business landscape but can also reduce the risk of common cybersecurity threats and risks. You can learn more about threat intelligence platforms on our blog.

Top 10 ICS Cyber Security Companies

In this list, we're counting down ten of the best Industrial Control Systems (ICS) security solutions we think are worthy of your consideration in 2023.

Nozomi Networks

Innovators in operational technology and IoT security landscapes, Nozomi Networks promises businesses the opportunity to unlock more visibility across their ICS landscape. In particular, Nozomi Networks is perfect for those seeking a brand that can provide accelerated security systems for digital transformation. With this offering, you can detect cyber threats and risk anomalies, set up advanced response strategies, and much more.

Nozomi Networks even makes it easier for businesses to unify their security strategy with access to simple interfaces where they can monitor all assets at once. What's more, their real-time network visualisation and structure insights provide excellent growth opportunities.


Sophos promises companies from all industries access to advanced threat prevention technology and protection against malware. With the full Sophos threat prevention system, companies in the construction and industrial landscape can unlock advanced functions like anti-exploit technology, deep learning, and support for ransomware protection.

Sophos customises its security products to suit the individual needs of each company, so you get a solution tailored to you. Sophos products also come with an immersive central dashboard, complete with a dedicated security console.


A leader in security and risk management solutions, Tenable offers a wide range of tools to empower today’s industrial teams. allows companies to see all of their digital assets and tools across a connected ecosystem through a simple environment in the cloud. There are also solutions for ICS/SCADA smart scanning to measure cyber exposure across a converged IT environment.

Tenable’s technology makes it easy for companies to build the custom security landscape they need for an evolving ecosystem. Intelligent scanning features, visibility, resources, and specialist services join forces to give companies more power in the fight against digital threats. Tenable’s solutions are also constantly evolving to suit a wider range of compliance needs.


The Cisco ICS solution is now available as part of Cisco’s next-generation Intrusion PreventioSystem. Capable of addressing a wide selection of potential threats, the Cisco NGIPS technology provides a deeper level of accurate visibility for today’s market-leading tools. The included Firepower Management Center helps you fine-tune your security with insights into contextual data.

The IPS solution is a vulnerability mitigation technique with an excellent reputation in the current marketplace. For over a decade, Cisco tools have been protecting ICS leaders against threats, regardless of where the risks might originate. With rapid response strategies to mitigate attacks and support to maintain the integrity of crucial assets, Cisco has it all.


Another market leader in the industrial space, Honeywell is highly renowned around the world for its exceptional technology and customer service. In 2021, the company introduced a new Advanced Monitoring and Incident Response service to assist teams in enhancing their OT cybersecurity standing. The “AMIR” offering is a cost-effective and easy-to-deploy service tailored to modern teams.

With Honeywell technology, Industrial companies can track their assets and minimise threats in a rapidly evolving landscape. AMIR is even offered as part of the Forge Managed Security Services solution from Honeywell. This end-to-end security as a service solution helps larger businesses to access the technology and custom support, they might need to stay ahead of the competition in one cost-effective package.


Forescout is currently responsible for helping some of the world’s largest organisations to manage their cyber risk through intelligent, automated, and data-driven insights. The Forescout platform was built to adapt rapidly to the ever-changing industrial landscape, in an age when IoT and edge computing are becoming more common. With this technology ecosystem, business leaders can get a more complete view of the assets connected to their network in one convenient environment.

With Forescout Continuum, business and IT leaders don’t just get an overview of the industrial technology ecosystem, they also get opportunities for optimisation. The Continuum platform provides comprehensive asset inventory, continuous compliance tools, network segmentation, and features for implementing zero-trust environments.


Claroty defines itself as the number one industrial cybersecurity company. The Claroty platform is powered by a unique selection of powerful tools, from Continuous Threat Detection to Secure Remote Access technology. Overall, industrial companies gain access to a comprehensive suite of industrial systems perfect for integrating with their existing infrastructure. The landscape can also scale effortlessly, ensuring you maintain the lowest Total Cost of Ownership.

As experts in industry solutions, Claroty goes above and beyond to help businesses visualise and protect their complex technical environments. The platform comes with a fantastic user interface for monitoring assets and potential threats, as well as performing root cause analysis. There are even specialist services available to help you tailor the system to your needs.


Dedicated to safeguarding the industrial landscape, Dragos promises companies a convenient way to minimise risk with the most efficient operational technology security platform around. The Dragos environment comes with an easy-to-use interface where business leaders and IT professionals can visualise the digital environment, detect malicious behaviour, and respond to threats quickly.

The Dragos technology comes with access to threat intelligence, to help you better understand the most common risks in your landscape. The enriched and prioritised guidance also allows customers to manage the full lifecycle of each vulnerability in their ecosystem. With intelligent threat detection and powerful investigation capabilities, Dragos empowers industrial companies to thrive in the new age of digital transformation.


Kaspersky promises companies a holistic approach to industrial cybersecurity. The comprehensive portfolio offered by the brand is split into a number of branches, including industrial endpoint protection, anomaly and breach detection, and centralized security management. There are also a number of managed services available to accompany each solution.

Companies can leverage Kaspersky’s help with training and awareness, as well as security assessments, incident response, and threat intelligence. Thanks to an end-to-end range of technology offerings, Kaspersky has developed an award-winning approach for ICS/OT digital transformation and supervisory control and data acquisition systems (SCADA).


The industry's leading ICS security solution, Fortinet’s ICStechnology allows industrial companies to secure critical infrastructure at speed. The ecosystem of tools offered by Fortinet is constantly updated to suit the latest regulations and compliance guidelines. Today’s technology includes an asset identity centre for visualising connected assets in your network, security policy customization and air-gap licence activation.

As a state-of-the-art ecosystem for minimising complexity, operating expenses, and risk, Fortinet’s solution integrates a range of OT security tools with best-in-breed threat protection. This allows business leaders to leverage a security strategy which extends from the data centre to the network perimeter and the cloud, with exceptional levels of visibility.