Top 10 ICS Security Solutions

Published on
26/10/2020 10:57 AM

The cybersecurity market is evolving at a rapid pace, driven by discoveries in the threat landscape. As technology continues to evolve, opening the door to IoT and AI among others, the solutions available for security grow with it. Now, we're seeing a growing number of Industrial Control Systems (ICS) tools on offer, helping to support the evolving industry.

These state-of-the-art solutions focus heavily on defending power grids, power plants, and other industrial applications from potential cyber issues. Here are 10 of the top contenders we think are worthy of your consideration in 2020. 


The Cisco ICS solution is now available as part of Cisco’s next-generation Intrusion Prevention System. Capable of addressing a wide selection of potential threats, the Cisco NGIPS technology provides a deeper level of accurate visibility for today’s market-leading tools. The included Firepower Management Center helps you fine-tune your security with insights into contextual data. 

The IPS solution is a vulnerability mitigation technique with an excellent reputation in the current marketplace. For over a decade, Cisco tools have been protecting ICS leaders against threats, regardless of where the risks might originate. With rapid response strategies to mitigate attacks and support to maintain the integrity of crucial assets, Cisco has it all. 


An innovator in the security landscape, ABB offers a range of products in line with the ICS framework. The options available include Network Manager, as well as SCADA/Distribution Management, and Energy/SCADA management systems. There are even specific solutions for fuel generation companies. 

The ABB brand is popular around the world for its state-of-the-art technology. To help you get the most out of your investment, ABB also offers security services like consulting, maintenance, remote monitoring, and professional support too. If you’re looking for a safe and effective way to monitor your systems, ABB has you covered. 



Another company dedicated to supporting and securing crucial infrastructure, Fortinet is a market leader in dynamic cloud security. The Fortinet solution for ICS/SCADA integrates OT protection with state-of-the-art threat protection for corporate environments that cover the cloud, the data centre, and the network perimeter. There’s also support for control, visibility, and automated analytics too. 

This comprehensive ICS technology covers everything from “industrial zone” coverage, where production takes place, to security specially designed for industrial DMZ, site operations, and the enterprise landscape too. 



Honeywell is a reputable security and protection company, capable of supporting businesses around the globe with tools like the ICS Shield for ICS security. ICS Shield is a top-down operational technology management platform that helps businesses secure connected industrial systems and SCADA environments. With Honeywell, organisations can implement more immersive operations strategies, without compromising on protection. 

The field-proven technology from Honeywell automates deployments for easier access and provides support for the enforcement of new plant-wide policies. Honeywell also offers capabilities such as test and measurement sensors and endpoint protection and industrial risk management. 

Palo Alto

Palo Alto is a leading cybersecurity company, committed to identifying and managing ICS assets, setting protocols, and improving operational technology environments. With this offering, companies have the power to prevent cyberattacks while investing in more advanced technology for the industrial workforce. 

What makes Palo Alto particularly impressive as an ICS security provider is the access they offer to numerous resources for business growth. With it, you can learn how to use prevention architecture and machine learning to strengthen your security standing, as well as much more.

Nozomi Networks

Innovators in operational technology and IoT security landscapes, Nozomi Networks promises businesses the opportunity to unlock more visibility across their ICS landscape. In particular, Nozomi Networks is perfect for those seeking a brand that can provide accelerated security systems for digital transformation. With this offering, you can detect cyber threats and risk anomalies, set up advanced response strategies, and much more. 

Nozomi Networks even makes it easier for businesses to unify their security strategy with access to simple interfaces where they can monitor all assets at once. What's more, their real-time network visualisation and structure insights provide excellent growth opportunities. 

BAE Systems

BAE Systems is an innovator in the security space, providing some of the most inspirational tools for forward-thinking technology in the world. According to the team, BAE Systems is committed to helping customers stay one step ahead so that they can protect their companies, their people, and their customers. 

BAE Systems offers products like the IndustrialProtect system for ICS. This unique technology protects teams by providing better insights into operations so that companies can easily see possible gaps in security. Companies can unlock advanced features like security advisory services, threat intelligence, and penetration testing too. 


Around the world, companies and individuals alike know the Kaspersky brand for its holistic approach to security systems. For the ICS landscape, Kaspersky offers Industrial cybersecurity. The solution encompasses a complete portfolio of services and products, starting with industrial breach detection, endpoint protection, and centralised security. 

From a services perspective, Kaspersky offers access security awareness and cybersecurity training, as well as advanced security assessments, threat intelligence, and incident response. The company even earned recognition from Forrester’s TEI study, which showed an ROI of 368% for businesses using Industrial Cybersecurity from Kaspersky. 


Sophos promises companies from all industries access to advanced threat prevention technology and protection against malware. With the full Sophos threat prevention system, companies in the construction and industrial landscape can unlock advanced functions like anti-exploit technology, deep learning, and support for ransomware protection. 

Sophos customises its security products to suit the individual needs of each company, so you get a solution tailored to you. Sophos products also come with an immersive central dashboard, complete with a dedicated security console. 


CyberArk provides an innovative ICS solution that manages access to various IT environments, including those in the industrial landscape. Privileged access security technology from CyberArk helps companies to monitor, secure, and control access to essential components of their system. This reduces the risk of cyber threats and attacks.

You can use CyberArk to secure privileged sessions for team members, receive real-time alerts on account activity, and even deliver more secure remote access too. CyberArk also supports least privilege policies for super users too.