Top 10 CPaaS Providers of 2020

Published on
23/11/2020 10:06 AM

As the world shifts more aggressively towards the cloud for scalability and flexibility, as-a-Service offerings are growing more powerful. In the  communications landscape, companies can explore everything from Unified Communications as-a-Service to Contact Centres as-a-Service.

One particularly appealing option in the current market is Communication Platforms as-a-Service (CPaaS). With it, business systems can customise and configure their communication stack to suit their needs. Using APIs and extensions, you can adjust your existing legacy systems to meet the needs of your employees today and tomorrow. 

So, which are the best CPaaS providers on the market today?


A well-known cloud communication provider and contact centre solution, RingCentral offers a streamlined entry point for CPaaS. With RingCentral, you can enrich customer communications by adding new features to your business applications fast. As one of the world leaders in UCaaS, RingCentral is in an excellent position to provide a comprehensive CPaaS platform through its developers program. 

With RingCentral, businesses can unlock various APIs for meetings, to SMS, voice, and other capabilities. You can also contact RingCentral to get a custom quote for the API opportunities that you need. 

Twilio Flex

Twilio Flex is one of the major market leaders in the CPaaS environment. Offering companies everything they need to reduce costs and improve experiences, Twilio ensures that you can unify all parts of your communication stack. Popular among brands like ING, Zendesk, and Deliveroo, Twilio features APIs for everything from email and chat to SMS, and even specific tools like WhatsApp. 

Twilio makes it quick and simple to go beyond unifying communications and start customising the way that your business technology stack works. You can even get involved with chatbots and leading AI through their offering. Twilio continues to innovate with new APIs that strengthen internal and external communication, improve compliance, and drive better experiences. 


PGi's GlobalMeet delivers CPaaS as a convenient way for businesses to access all the features they need to delight their customers and empower their teams. Their offering supports access to a wide range of enhancements for your communication stack, from tools that boost security to services for better team conversations. 

You can also add AI and data analytics to your communications and create more informed collaboration experiences with GlobalMeet. What's more, you can get documents and webinars from GlobalMeet that teach you how to use APIs effectively.

Amazon Connect

Amazon has its own CPaaS solution for those in search of cloud-based APIs and programming tools. Amazon Connect is a simple and scalable service for companies working with communications integrations. The Amazon Connect platform unlocks the same dynamic processes and AI innovations that power Alexa, making it one of the smarter CPaaS options on the market. 

Amazon also does its best to make creating workflows and integrations easy with a visual editor that teams can access to create customisable experiences. Amazon even has a global service delivery program and partnerships with API providers around the world. 


An innovator in communications solutions, Vonage has earned various awards for its CPaaS platform. Vonage teaches businesses how to transform their communications strategies with rich APIs and tools. The developer tools library on Vonage is available in six languages; plus, you get access to various quick-start guides and tutorials to help you. There’s even a vast Vonage community for extra guidance. 

Vonage offers a wide range of API options to explore, for everything from messaging and SMS to video solutions embedded into your existing apps. Vonage also comes with its own visual editor, making it an ideal choice for developers who don’t have a lot of experience working in the CPaaS environment. If you’re looking for an easy starting point, Vonage has you covered. 


Ribbon Communications offers CPaaS solutions through the innovative Kandy platform. With Kandy, you can easily find and deploy new features for your business applications. Thanks to a range of API and SDK offerings, service providers can offer their customers a host of value-added services to differentiate their offerings from traditional communications packages. 

Kandy wrappers also provide end customers with the convenient pre-packaged features they might want for their applications. If you don’t have a developer team available, then you can pick one of the prebuilt tools to inject into your application instead. Ribbon has something to offer every business in search of CPaaS, from service providers to end-users.


Avaya OneCloud is the CPaaS solution from one of the world’s leaders in cloud communication. Through OneCloud, you can build and integrate apps with ease on a platform that supports everything from voice to SMS and messaging. The OneCloud CPaaS solution comes with apps for everything from automatic speech recognition to call recording and transcripts. 

Avaya CPaaS customers can browse through a variety of APIs covering voice, messaging, carrier services, phone numbers, and other advanced features. Plus, you get the peace of mind that comes with knowing your CPaaS tools come from a world-renowned and reliable brand. 


Another leader in the communication landscape branching out into CPaaS, 2600Hz provides cutting-edge access to the features you need for your applications. With a range of cloud-based API offerings to choose from, there’s no limit to what you can create in your communication stack. 2600Hz offers everything from UCaaS to CPaaS and CCaaS through their KAZOO platform, so you can get all the as-a-Service components you need in one place. 

With 2600HZ, you can minimise the costs of bringing new functionality into your operations, while increasing speed to market. 2600Hz and Kazoo are popular choices for CPaaS among today’s business leaders. 


A market leader in CPaaS solutions, MessageBird has gained a lot of popularity in recent years. This company stands out because it makes accessing and using APIs as simple as possible. The visual editor available for developing APIs is great for developers that don’t have much experience in CPaaS. There’s also a massive range of APIs to choose from.

You can add everything from Live Chat to new voice channels and WhatsApp to your business communication stacks in no time. Users can browse the APIs available for free, then develop a solution that’s right for them. MessageBird is a great choice for companies that want to access programmatic communications at scale. 


Providing quick and simple access to on-demand APIs for mobile messaging, voice, WhatsApp, SMS, and more, Infobip will expand your communications experience in no time. With a flexible CPaaS platform, Infobip customers can reduce the time and money they spend on creating bespoke solutions for internal and external communication. 

The CPaaS solution from Infobip comes with easy-to-use APIs that don’t require a lot of in-depth technical knowledge. You can even get integrations with a variety of leading tools like Facebook Messenger, Live Chat, Line, and Viber Business.