Top 10 Huddle Room Solutions

Published on
28/08/2020 07:36 PM

Video is emerging as the ultimate communication solution. 

Capable of mimicking all the nuances of face-to-face interactions, video offers a convenient and cost-effective replacement for in-person meetings and travel.

Video can also support employees in a remote workforce when context in a conversation with team members is essential. The good news for today’s companies is that they no longer have to spend a fortune on large and complicated meeting rooms to access all the benefits of video conferencing.

Today’s meeting room has shifted towards a smaller space. The huddle room is a small, convenient area with plug-and-play video, audio, and content sharing equipment. These rooms are excellent for impromptu meetings and quick conversations. 

Let’s check out some of the best huddle room options on the market.


Created by a market leader in convenient conferencing and collaboration process, GoToRoom is a complete huddle room solution. Unlike other companies that have focused either on hardware or software, GoToMeeting has created the perfect combination of both worlds. GoToRoom with Dolby Voice is a best-in-breed hardware and software system that ensures meetings go smoothly. 


Offering a comprehensive solution for huddle room conferencing, GlobalMeet from PGi bundles everything you need for a great meeting into a single platform. There’s HD quality video built-in, with simultaneous screen sharing for excellent content management. You can also unlock access to your meeting room software in a web browser, so you don’t need to download any extra software.


RingCentral Rooms gives you the pick of any sized room, from medium conference rooms, to large boardrooms, and importantly, compact huddle spaces. RingCentral Rooms are easy to set up, with off-the-shelf equipment interoperability. Therefore, if you’ve had enough of complicated and stressful video conferencing configuration experiences, RingCentral’s offering is the perfect solution for you.


BlueJeans is a leader in communication and collaboration solutions, offering a one-touch meeting environment that’s easy to deploy. In particular, BlueJeans works with Dolby to offer a world-leading meeting room experience with immersive video and audio. What’s more, you can connect your Rooms software to leading technology from Poly, Cisco, and Lifesize.


Arguably the face of video communications throughout the pandemic, Zoom is an obvious choice when it comes to huddle rooms. In particular, it offers convenient plug-and-play conference rooms, and provides packages that give you access to high-definition video and audio. There’s also one-click wireless sharing so that you can bring content to your business discussions too. 


Giving you more from your meeting rooms is Cisco Webex. This huddle space offering provides a full collaboration device portfolio for companies of every size, including hardware and software options. With an intuitive and easy-to-use backend, Cisco’s huddle and meeting solutions make it easy for teams to quickly get started with.


Avaya has stood out at the top of the communication vendors list for several years. Now, companies can turn any space into an intelligent collaboration space with Avaya huddle rooms. Huddle Room Solutions including the Avaya HC020 huddle camera or the Avaya Collaboration Unit provide instant access to an all-in-one meeting solution.


Logitech’s leading huddle room is the MeetUp room kit. This all-in-one conferencing camera fits onto any screen or monitor, with an ultra-wide lens to capture the full room. The 4K ultra HD camera ensures an excellent picture quality, and Logitech also provides a full-range speaker system for audio and a beam-forming microphone array.

Kaltura Meetings

Kaltura Meetings is a software-focused solution for huddle rooms. With a single click, you can launch an instant collaboration experience anywhere. Kaltura offers not just video and audio conferencing, but content sharing, digital whiteboarding, and more. What’s more, you can invite people from outside of your office, so collaborating with external team members is easy.


8x8 Meeting Rooms are a convenient add-on feature for 8x8 Video Meetings. This tool makes it easy to schedule, host, and join intuitive meetings from huddle spaces. With it, you can configure your meeting rooms in different ways to suit the needs of your business, as well as access support for a wide selection of hardware.