Top 10 AI-Powered Business Intelligence Platforms


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Business intelligence has always played an essential role in the growth and evolution of modern companies. As the world continues to digitally transform, the way that we access and utilise this intelligence is evolving. Cloud ecosystems empowered with access to artificial intelligence make it much easier to collect crucial data points and use them to make better decisions. 

Smart and augmented decision-making or prediction tools are reaching a point where they’re much easier to deploy across various organisations, from the shop floor to the boardroom. The challenge for current business leaders is deciding which intelligence platforms to use. Today, we’re going to explore some of the top 10 AI-powered business intelligence platforms on the market and what they can do for your company. 


Looker, now part of the Google Cloud ecosystem, empowers companies to drive better business outcomes through smart, data-driven experiences. The Looker platform supports companies in pulling information together on their business back-end, to allow for more powerful integrated insights. Looker’s modern approach to Business Intelligence and Analytics includes easy access to multi-cloud environments and machine learning elements. 

Companies using Looker can design their own purpose-built applications for business intelligence that access the innovations of the Google Cloud. A bespoke approach can also supercharge operational workflows in a company with real-time data available at any time. 


Offering a combination of search and AI-driven analytics, ThoughtSpot aims to make complex business decision-making simple. With ThoughtSpot, anyone can glean useful insights from their company data in a matter of seconds. There’s a comprehensive search solution that helps to analyse information and deliver automated insights when companies need them most. 

ThoughtSpot comes with features that make it simple to query datasets in natural language, and emphasise friendlier, more straightforward approaches to analytics. Another bonus is that the UI features are extremely intuitive. Catching up on information with ThoughtSpot feels like watching the news roll in on your social media feed. The AI-powered assistant, SpotIQ even uses machine learning to better understand what users are thinking.


Committed to helping companies overcome common operational challenges, AtScale is a Cloud OLAP solution for enterprise analytics. With AtScale, companies can access a secure and single workspace for distributed data. Thanks to autonomous data engineering, you can reduce repetitive data management and engineering tasks, like curating and delivering. The Universal Semantic layer also ensures secure and consistent KPI reporting. 

AtScale empowers data science and business intelligence strategies at the same time with clever virtualisation, helping organisations to transform and embrace the cloud. The Semantic layer is available through SQL XMLA and REST, so linking data from any application is a possibility. 


Domo advertises its platform as the next generation of business intelligence. Using a native cloud-based BI platform, companies can leverage more information from their business intelligence investments, and built-in cloud environment. The tools available scale with you as your business grows, helping you to achieve your goals in record time.

With Domo, business leaders can access useful insights in minutes, taking cycle times down to a minimum. You can also tap into more from your BI team by making sure that they spend less time collecting information and managing requests and more time focusing on creative projects. The easy-to-use data integration tools make it easier to shine a light on previously dark data segments too. 


A key player in the cloud computing and business intelligence arena, Qlik is gaining a lot of positive attention lately. If you’re looking for ways to accelerate your company’s performance with data, Qlik’s end-to-end multi-cloud solution could have the answer. The technology bridges the gaps between insights, action, and data, to help you accomplish more. 

Qlik is regularly making moves into the world of machine learning and automation. For instance, the Associative Engine helps users to see connections between data points before those individuals make a query. Another advantage is the Qlik data literacy project initiative, which bakes into the platform and eases the discomfort of introducing analytics tools in traditionally non-technical spaces. 


Created by SAP, HANA is a comprehensive solution for companies in search of a reliable way to harness the power of their in-memory database. Using SAP HANA, business leaders can compete in the modern business environment with a database that helps to strengthen data-driven decisions. 

SAP’s vision for BI and analytics revolves around using real-time collective insights in the business landscape. An enabler of this vision is SAP HANA, which simplifies the supply chain and offers access to operational data. SAP Lumira also delivers agile visualisations to help companies make the most of their data, while SAP predictive analysis applies advanced analytics to the roadmap. 


The DataRobot mission is to empower the human heroes of the intelligence revolution, and the way they are doing it is through their end-to-end enterprise AI platform. The DataRobots offering automates and accelerates every step of your path from data to value and is a tool that all key stakeholders should have in their arsenal. 

There are numerous DataRobot use cases across various industries. In turn, they have a widely diverse client portfolio, which includes companies such as Lenovo, Nationwide, Australian Red Cross Blood Service, and Nationwide. 

Salesforce Einstein Analytics

One of the best-known companies for customer relationship management, Salesforce makes it easier for brands to strengthen their connections with clients. Gartner analysts currently rank the Salesforce Einstein engine as one of the tools with the strongest range of capabilities when it comes to unlocking automated analytics. The company also frequently invests in new technology to expand the capabilities of its cloud-based solutions. 

As part of the Salesforce experience, Einstein allows companies to access more in-depth insights into customer behaviour and preferences. Salesforce was the company that introduced many market leaders to the concept of data-driven marketing in the first place. It makes sense that Einstein would be a leader in BI and AI systems today. 


Equipped with powerful AI at its core, AnswerRocket brings you the best in BI and analytics capabilities. Their platform empowers companies to democratise data and analytics securely and at scale. Better still, it works with your existing data infrastructure and specific enterprise needs, meaning you can start reaping the benefits of the platform in no time.

Speaking of time, AnswerRocket can also perform complex analysis in a matter of seconds. This includes tasks that usually take even the most skilled analysts days or weeks to complete.


For those who have had enough of the frustrations that legacy analytics tools can bring, look no further than OmniSci. This offering brings its customers a new age of accelerated analytics through its open platform. In particular, OmniSci unites analytics, data science, and location intelligence workflows, which, in turn, helps businesses break down data silos.

With OmniSci, businesses can interactively query, visualise, and power location intelligence workflows over billions of records. Their innovative offering is used by the likes of pharma giant Pfizer, as well as Ericsson, Nvidia, and Skyhook, to name a few.