Top 10 Best AI Image Generators for 2024

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best ai image generators

The way we create images is changing. Gone are the days when creating professional-looking visuals required expensive design software and artistic expertise.

AI image generators are democratizing the creative process, enabling anyone to transform their ideas into stunning visuals using just text descriptions. These powerful tools translate your words into high-quality images, generating everything from social media graphics to unique concept art for your next project and even eye-catching product mockups – all from the comfort of your own device.

AI image generation unlocks a world of creative possibilities for individuals and businesses alike, making it a game-changer across multiple industries.

What is an AI Image Generator

An AI image generator is a tool that uses artificial intelligence to create images based on text descriptions. They are powerful machine learning tools that have been trained on thousands of millions of different images and their corresponding descriptions. 

Users input a written prompt describing what they want their newly created image to look like. The AI Image Generator then uses its learned understanding of images and text descriptions to generate a new image that matches the text input.

AI image generators have become increasingly popular as their output improves and they allow people and companies to generate captivating images without needing skills in traditional or digital art. 

AI image generators what is it

Whilst they can be used for fun there are also practical uses for AI Image Generators across businesses. They can be useful for quickly creating unique and eye-catching visuals for social media posts, advertisements, or marketing campaigns. 

Similarly, in the product design industry AI Image Generators can be used for generating mockups or prototypes of products based on text descriptions as well as visualizing different design variations for products before investing in physical prototypes. This can significantly speed up the production process.

How do AI Image Generators work?

AI Image Generators work by learning the connection between textual descriptions and visual elements through massive datasets. They then leverage this knowledge to generate entirely new images based on user prompts. 

AI image generators undergo a massive training and learning process before they are released. They are trained on vast datasets of images paired with their detailed descriptions. These datasets can encompass a wide range of images, from photographs and paintings to 3D model. These are combined with their corresponding captions describing their content and style with high amounts of specific detail.

By analyzing this dataset the AI Image Generator uses machine learning to start building a complex internal understanding. It learns to connect words like "cat," "sunset," or "happy" to specific visual features and patterns. This allows the AI to understand the relationship between textual descriptions and the corresponding visual elements they represent.

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When the user inputs a text prompt the AI goes into action. It analyzes the individual words in the prompt, identifying the objects ("castle," "sea"), their properties ("majestic," "stormy"), and any stylistic preferences included. This breakdown helps the AI grasp the understanding of the image being requested. 

Depending on the AI image generator one of two main methods will be used to create the image based on the prompt. These methods are called Generative Adversarial Networks or Diffusion Models.

How to Generate AI Images

Generating AI images couldn't be simpler, especially if you use one of the user-friendly top 10 best AI image generators detailed below. Although the specifics of how to use each one may change slightly depending on the tool the general process remains the same.

  1. Select the right tool: Use the list below to determine which AI Image Generator will be best for your desired outcome.
  2. Create your prompt: The more details you provide, the better the AI can understand your vision. Include information like objects, actions, colors, and style preferences. Make sure to avoid ambiguity and use concise sentences.
  3. Explore variations: Most AI image generators allow you to generate multiple variations of your image based on the same prompt. This is a great way to explore different interpretations and find the one that best suits your vision.
  4. Fine-tune: Some tools offer options to refine your results. You can provide additional details or upload reference images to guide the AI towards your desired outcome.

What is the Best AI Image Generator?

best ai image generators

There are a variety of AI image generators available today that can generate incredible visuals based on text prompts. But like everything in life, not all of these tools are made safe. 

We’re counting down ten of the best AI Image Generators available in 2024, each of which can help you take your creativity to the next level.

Getty Images

Getty Images, a renowned resource for stock photography, has joined the AI image generation revolution with its innovative tool. This offering seamlessly integrates with the vast Getty Images library, allowing users to harness the power of AI alongside royalty-free stock content. Simply provide a text description detailing your desired image, specifying elements like objects, styles, and desired mood. Getty's AI then goes to work, generating unique visuals that complement the existing library.

The key advantage of Getty Images' AI image generator lies in its connection to its established stock photo collection. This creates a powerful synergy – users can leverage AI-generated images alongside pre-existing photos to create even more diverse and unique visuals for their creative projects. Furthermore, Getty Images offers legal indemnification for all generated content, providing users with peace of mind when incorporating these images into their work. This combination of features positions Getty Images' AI image generator as a valuable tool for creators seeking a safe and comprehensive solution for their visual needs.

NightCafe Studio

Immerse yourself in the world of AI art creation with NightCafe Studio. This user-friendly platform empowers you to transform your imagination into stunning visuals using text descriptions. NightCafe Studio's AI takes the reins, translating your prompts into captivating images. Simply provide details about the scene you envision, including objects, actions, colors, and artistic styles. NightCafe Studio even allows you to upload your own images to inspire the AI's creative process.

NightCafe Studio stands out for its versatility and focus on user empowerment. Unlike some limited AI image generators, NightCafe Studio offers a variety of artistic styles to choose from, allowing you to tailor the final image to your specific vision. Additionally, it provides advanced features like style transfer and bulk image generation, making it a valuable tool for both casual users and creative professionals. With its rich feature set and accessible interface, NightCafe Studio positions itself as a leader in the ever-evolving world of AI image generation.

Dream by WOMBO

Dream by WOMBO takes a creative approach to AI image generation, making it a favorite for both creative professionals and casual users. Unlike some AI image generators that focus on hyper-realism, Dream by WOMBO embraces an artistic and dreamlike quality. Simply provide a text prompt describing your desired image, including details on objects, colors, and the overall mood. Dream by WOMBO's algorithm then translates your words into captivating visuals that often resemble paintings or artistic styles.

This focus on artistic flair makes Dream by WOMBO a user-friendly tool for anyone seeking creative inspiration. It's perfect for generating unique visuals for social media posts, brainstorming quirky illustrations, or simply exploring the world of AI-generated art. Dream by WOMBO offers a freemium model, allowing users to experiment and have fun with image generation before committing to a paid subscription for higher-resolution images and additional features.


Unleash your creativity with Ideogram's AI image generation tool. This user-friendly platform allows you to transform your ideas into captivating visuals using just text descriptions. Simply describe the image you have in mind, including details about objects, actions, colors, and artistic styles. Ideogram's AI then takes the reins, translating your words into high-quality images.

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Ideogram stands out for its accessibility and focus on artistic exploration. Unlike some complex AI image generators, Ideogram offers a straightforward interface that makes it perfect for beginners. Additionally, it boasts a free tier with a limited number of image generations per day, allowing users to experiment and have fun with the tool before committing to a paid plan. This combination of ease of use and a freemium model positions Ideogram as a great starting point for anyone curious about the potential of AI-generated art.


Imagen, a powerful AI image generation system developed by Google AI, has made significant strides in pushing the boundaries of what's possible. It excels at creating photorealistic images, often indistinguishable from real photographs. This capability makes Imagen a game-changer for tasks where highly realistic visuals are crucial. Imagine using Imagen to generate product mockups that look like actual photographs or creating hyper-realistic concept art for movies or video games. The possibilities for creating stunning and believable visuals are vast.

Beyond photorealism, Imagen boasts a deep understanding of complex concepts. It can process intricate textual descriptions that involve specific objects, actions, and even emotions. This allows users to create highly nuanced images that accurately reflect their vision. For example, you could prompt Imagen to generate an image of "a robot chef preparing a futuristic feast in a bustling cityscape," and the resulting image would likely capture the essence of that detailed description. This combination of photorealism and nuanced understanding makes Imagen a leader in the field of AI image generation.


Delve into the world of AI image generation with DeepAI's built-in tool, a user-friendly option for both beginners and casual users. This web-based platform removes the complexity often associated with AI tools. Simply describe your desired image in a text prompt, including details like objects, styles, and the overall mood you envision. DeepAI's AI then works its magic, transforming your words into creative visuals that can spark further artistic exploration.

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DeepAI's accessibility is a key factor in its popularity. There's no need for downloads or complicated software – everything happens within your web browser. This ease of use is further enhanced by a free plan with a limited number of image generations. This allows users to experiment and discover the potential of AI image generation before committing to a paid plan that unlocks higher-resolution images and additional features. With its user-friendly approach and freemium model, DeepAI's AI image generator serves as a welcoming gateway for anyone curious about exploring the world of AI-created visuals.

Stable Diffusion

Stable Diffusion stands out as a leading AI image generation tool for its unique combination of accessibility and power. Unlike some closed-source options, Stable Diffusion is open-source, allowing users with technical expertise to delve into the underlying code and customize the image generation process. This fosters a collaborative atmosphere where developers can contribute improvements and experiment with new functionalities. For those less technical, Stable Diffusion offers user-friendly interfaces through online platforms, making it accessible to a broader audience.

Stable Diffusion's reputation stems from its ability to generate high-quality images while offering control over the creative process. Users can provide detailed text descriptions specifying objects, styles, and even specific image elements they wish to focus on. The algorithm then iteratively refines an image from noise, guided by the user's prompt, resulting in captivating and unique visuals. This element of control, alongside its open-source nature, makes Stable Diffusion a powerful tool for both creative exploration and technical innovation in the field of AI image generation.


Adobe Firefly

Adobe Firefly brings the power of AI image generation directly to creatives within the Adobe ecosystem. This innovative tool allows you to seamlessly transform textual descriptions into high-quality images, all within familiar Adobe software like Photoshop. No need to switch between platforms – simply provide a text prompt detailing your desired image, specifying elements like objects, styles, and colors. Firefly's AI then takes the reins, generating creative visuals that can serve as a springboard for your artistic endeavors.

Firefly's integration with Adobe software makes it a particularly attractive option for creatives. Imagine sketching out an initial concept with text in Photoshop and then using Firefly to instantly generate variations and explore different visual possibilities. This tight integration streamlines the workflow and allows artists to experiment and refine their ideas more efficiently. As AI image generation continues to evolve, Adobe Firefly positions itself as a valuable tool for creatives seeking to enhance their workflow and push the boundaries of visual exploration.


Dall-E is a groundbreaking AI image generator by OpenAI that lets you bridge the gap between imagination and reality. This powerful tool translates your textual descriptions into captivating visuals. Simply provide details about objects, actions, settings, and desired artistic styles, and Dall-E's algorithm works its magic.

Dall-E has earned its place as a leader in AI image generation. It excels at producing incredibly realistic and detailed images. From photorealistic landscapes to fantastical creatures, Dall-e can generate visuals that blur the lines between human imagination and machine creation. Second, Dall-E offers a surprising level of control over the creative process. Users can refine their prompts, add specific details, and even combine concepts to achieve the desired outcome. This flexibility makes Dall-E a powerful tool for both casual users and experienced artists.


Midjourney is a powerful AI image tool that's widely considered to be one of the best AI image generators available today. The platform allows users to transform their imagination into reality using text descriptions. It employs a complex algorithm to interpret user prompts and translate them into high-quality images.

Midjourney excels at generating detailed and imaginative images, making it a favorite among artists, designers, and anyone with a creative vision. The platform supports a wide range of artistic styles, allowing users to create visuals that resemble classic paintings, modern digital art, or even photorealistic imagery. Currently, Midjourney operates through an invite-only system accessed via their Discord channel. This fosters interaction with other users, allowing them to share prompts, and ideas, and explore each other's creations.