3 Reasons Why Networking Websites Are Useless For Tech Industry In 2022 And The Solution


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When it comes to professional networking websites, more often than not, people think about LinkedIn. After all, over the last decade, it was evolved the way companies and employees interact with each other from all over the world.

Having said that, in 2022, even some of the biggest network websites have come across major problems that have rendered them ineffective. Professionals, especially from the tech industry, aren’t really getting sufficient returns on the time they are investing on these platforms.

Here are three reasons why networking websites are useless for the Tech Industry in 2022:

Reason 1: Irrelevant Content

How often do you go on a networking websites and instead of coming across content that would add value to your knowledge about the industry, you see people sharing memes about their work-from-home culture, for instance? They start their posts with a clickbaity introduction and as soon as you click on “read more” you realise that it wasn’t what you expected.

The editorial team at EM360 ensures that only highly relevant content makes it through the quality check before getting published on the website. Tech enthusiasts and professionals can sign up to the website with utmost confidence that the articles, videos and podcasts they find on the website will only add to their knowledge base, without wasting their time.

Reason 2: Everyone Is A Pundit

Regardless of the amount of experience people have in an industry, everyone shares content like an expert. More often than not, this leads to misinformation being spread across the internet. If you are someone who is just starting out their career in the tech industry, the last thing you want to do is get inspired by someone who claims to be a master of their field but knows practically nothing about it.

Some of the biggest influencers from the Tech Industry, such as former CIA hacker Dr Eric Cole, and Christina Stathopoulos (Data Analytical Lead at Google) who have worked with EM360 Tech over the years as analyst partners, are not only trusted leaders in their respective fields but are also genuinely interested in sharing useful information that allows the young minds of the IT to envision the future and build successful careers while being of paramount importance to the organisations they end up working for.

For the more seasoned veterans of the tech industry, EM360 Tech provides the opportunity to share their wisdom with those who are not only interested in learning but also wish to get inspired by their success.

Reason 3: Lack Of Incentive

Since a major reason why people share content on professional networking websites is a couple of days of online fame on the internet, they rarely care about the quality of the content. Hence, what you see on the internet might just be a rehashed version of an article written by someone else over two years ago, most of which may not even be relevant anymore.

However, on EM360 Tech, we not only give our contributors the opportunity to share their thoughts, opinions and insight about the tech industry in front of a targeted audience base, but we also allow them to rise through the ranks and even become a “Guru” in the field they belong to. What’s more is that once you have achieved a Guru status, WE PAY YOU for sharing your knowledge with the community.



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