Countdown to Big Data LDN 2023: Tudor Galos Shares Expert Insights on this Year's Event

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Tudor Galos Big Data LDN

Big Data LDN 2023, the UK’s leading data, analytics and AI event, is just around the corner – promising two days filled with ground-breaking stories, expert insights, and endless innovation. 

Taking place at the Olympia in London on September 20-21, this year’s event features fifteen theatres and over 300 expert speakers sharing insights on some of the industry’s hottest topics – from generative AI to data privacy. 

Tudor Galos, founder of Tudor Galos Consulting and veteran business consultant, is one of the official speakers at Big Data LDN 2023. Tudor is an expert in GDPR compliance and has worked with over 150 customers in industries like retail, e-tail, financial and manufacturing in Europe, the US, the UK and the Middle East. 

At Big Data LDN 2023, he’ll be discussing how to protect customer data and privacy in his exclusive keynote: “Implementing privacy by Design and By Default Controls in AI and Big Data Solutions.

EM360’s Ellis Stewart spoke with Tudor about his role at Big Data LDN and how the event can help attendees prepare for upcoming trends in the Big Data and privacy landscape. 

Ellis: Big Data LDN 2023 is right around the corner. What are some of the key trends you can see leading the discussion at this year’s conference?

Tudor: “The biggest trend is of course around AI with its Generative AI super-star branch. More and more data is shared with such systems but people need to understand that they might share super-sensitive data with the algorithms, data that will be stored and used for further processing. 

“Of course, unlocking the value of data is another big trend and I am happy that more and more companies invest in technologies that bring the right data to the right people, making data the new gold.”

Ellis: As an official speaker at the event, you’ll be talking about implementing privacy by design and by default controls in AI and Big Data solutions. Without spoilers, could you give us a sneak peek into some of the topics you’ll be discussing?

Tudor: “Privacy By Design and By Default is a term which was coined by Ann Cavoukian, former Information and Privacy Commissioner for the Canadian province of Ontario.

“It consists of seven foundational principles: Proactive not reactive, preventive not remedial; Privacy as the default setting; Privacy embedded into design; Full functionality – positive-sum, not zero-sum; End-to-end security – full lifecycle protection; Visibility and transparency – keep it open and Respect for user privacy – keep it user-centric.

“This term is translated in GDPR and UK GDPR as the famous Art 25 - Data Protection by Design and by Default, which asks companies to implement all technical and organisational measures to protect the processing of personal data from the moment processing is designed. 

“Since AI and Big Data solutions are very “data-hungry”, finding the right balance in processing the right data sets at the right time is the key to both obtaining the best results while maintaining compliance and protecting your users.”

Ellis: If you could give one reason for people to attend Big Data LDN 2023, what would it be and why?

Tudor: “This is the event of AI and Big Data. Just as Greenwich sets the time around the world, Big Data LDN is the event that sets the trends in Big Data and AI worldwide.”

Ellis: What is the big data trend you’re most excited about in 2023?

Tudor: “I think it is unlocking the value of data through the use of AI. As companies struggle to manage the exponential growth of data, AI algorithms can identify trends, can forecast economic changes, can identify cures to diseases and so on just by unlocking the value of data. 

“How cool is that?”



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