Cybersecurity startup Authomize emerges from stealth to restore order to authorisation chaos


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The Israeli cybersecurity startup scene is heating up, and the most recent organisation to spearhead the action is Authomize, based in Tel-Aviv. The company is currently celebrating its emergence from stealth, in which it has also announced its Automated Authorisation Governance and Management solution. 

With Authomize, businesses can manage and secure complex and differing applications in the cloud and on-premise with the promise of precision and ease. In particular, their solution acts as a bridge between IT Ops and security teams, while preventing permission sprawl and ensuring adherence to security and compliance standards. 

Specifically, Authomize (a fusion of ‘authorise’ and ‘automation’) is a “non-intrusive path to authorization management and automation that allow organizations to gain control over the permission sprawl.” 

As companies navigate operations, security, and compliance, the case for Authomize becomes all-the-more compelling. The increasingly digital business landscape and hybrid architectures mean that companies often have to relinquish a degree of control. In doing so, operations, security, and compliance become increasingly chaotic and challenging. Thankfully for companies, Authomize is at hand to help out by restoring order through operational efficiency. 

"We founded Authomize after seeing the chaos organizations experience when it comes to managing the authorization lifecycle," said Dotan Bar Noy, Co-Founder and CEO at Authomize. "Current Identity Governance and Administration (IGA) tools lack the ability to provide the intelligence and automation needed to make informed and efficient decisions. With Authomize, IT and Security teams can make highly informed decisions or choose to automate processes, removing the need to compromise between IT efficiency and impeccable security hygiene."

Among Authomize’s exciting news is also the announcement of their $6 million seed round, backed by Blumberg Capital, M12 Microsoft’s venture fund, and Entrée Capital. 

Find out more about the company’s stealth emergence here.

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