Unlocking Cybersecurity Preparedness: Bridewell Webinar Explores 2024 Threats

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From the MOVEit vulnerability data breaches to the costly hack on MGM, 2023 has seen some of the worst cyber attacks of our lifetime. And with new attacks happening every 39 seconds, there’s no doubt that even bigger and bolder attacks are already on the horizon for 2024.

Democratised cyber crime, AI-powered malware, and supply chain threats are just some of the cyber trends Bridewell anticipates for the year ahead.

The cybersecurity services company’s newest webinar, Cyber Security: What to Expect in 2024, unveils some of the biggest cyber threats and trends your business needs to watch out for in 2024.

Taking place on 7 December 2023, the 60-minute webinar will be hosted by Emma Leith, Bridewell’s Director of Consulting, and Martin Riley, Director of Managed Security Services, who will share their views on how the cyber landscape will evolve in the coming year. 

They’ll also be sharing findings from Bridewell’s annual research, discoveries from the company’s Security Operations Centre (SOC) and insights from experts. 

Some of the trends Emma and Martin will be discussing during the webinar include:

  • Ransomware-as-a-Service (RaaS) 
  • Polymorphic malware 
  • Constrained cyber budgets 
  • Increased risk in Critical National Infrastructure sectors 
  • Supply chain challenges 

This unmissable webinar will help your business navigate the complex cyber threat landscape and unlock cybersecurity preparedness for 2024

Register to watch the webinar today and prepare your business for the cyber threats that might be coming your way in the year ahead. 



Bridewell is a leading cyber security services company specialising in protecting and transforming critical business functions for some of the world’s most trusted organisations.

Its team of security experts work with clients to deliver end-to-end services that solve key business challenges. Bridewell's specialists are highly accredited by major industry bodies and have extensive experience delivering services across Cyber Security, MSS,  Testing, and Data Privacy.  

Bridewell is headquartered in the UK where it runs a 24/7 Security Operations Centre (SOC) and has expanded into the US to further support global clients. Since being founded in 2013, Bridewell has grown rapidly and is now one of the UK’s largest independent cyber security services providers.

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