BlackBerry: What Extortion Means for Businesses in the 2020s


Ransomware attacks have greatly evolved and significantly increased over the last few years. Off the back of social engineering, cybercriminals have been gaining access to big tech corporations and government networks, stealing and/or locking away their data, and extorting money out of them. What is it going to take to overcome this ransomware epidemic?

Businesses Need to Know What Extortion Dangers to be Aware of

In this second edition of The Next Phase of Cybersecurity Podcast Series: a BlackBerry TakeoverDr Eric Cole, Founder and CEO of Secure Anchor Consulting, sits down with Lysa Myers, Principal Threat Researcher at BlackBerry, to explore how to defend businesses from ransomware. Lysa lends her expertise on:

  • The top ransomware threats organisations are struggling with and why they continue to be an ongoing issue
  • How extortion in the enterprise is evolving
  • The impact of ransomware attacks on corporate and individuals
  • The steps organisations need to take to solve this threat problem