Secureworks: XDR in a Hybrid World

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Extended detection and response, or XDR, can pinpoint any cyber security threats with the ability to merge various security solutions into a single system. On top of this, the technology has the power to utilise information from multiple data sources to create a data lake to analyse and identify the most prevalent data threats. Such skill and insight are essential for modern businesses. As threats continue to evolve and expand, organisations of all sizes need to protect themselves by having as much security visibility and intelligence as possible. With a growing number of companies adopting a hybrid work model, and threats continuing to evolve, protecting your organisation has never been more prevalent. 

Ransomware, email compromise, and state-threat actors are rapidly growing threats. Organisations need XDR to thrive

Together with Dr Eric Cole, Founder and CEO of Secure Anchor ConsultingStacy Leidwinger, VP of Portfolio Marketing at Secureworks, explores XDR as a security tool and how it functions in a hybrid world. Listeners can expect to learn about matters such as: 

  • Top trends organisations are struggling with when it comes to executing their cyber defence strategy
  • Factors to consider when looking at XDR versus SIEM
  • Who is responsible for protecting the data in the cloud 
  • The value of XDR for customers  

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