Keeper: Hybrid Work: The Fight for Company Security


Company security is a top concern for business leaders and the recent eruption of global hybrid working has heightened the need to ensure all protection and defence strategies are airtight. The current trend of remote working has exposed organisations to new threat vectors, forcing CISOs to think on their feet and come up with solutions to crucial cybersecurity issues such as 'What are the best practices to safeguard company data/assets in 2021 and beyond?'

Managing Hybrid Work Company Security Challenges

In this podcast, Dr Eric Cole, Founder and CEO of Secure Anchor Consulting, speaks to Darren Guccione, CEO and Co-Founder of Keeper Security, about the 2021 threat vector landscape, the new hybrid work environment, and what this means for how CISOs need to adapt. Darren shares his advice on what CISOs need to start thinking about to secure organisations on all fronts as long term hybrid workplaces become more of a reality each day. He also explores the emerging trends enterprises should be most wary about and the common threat vectors in an office-home working environment. Final talks centre on passwords - i.e. what the future of passwords look like and how organisations can avoid password fatigue and make sure that implemented processes are followed to keep them secure.