BlackBerry: The Benefits of Critical Event Management for Business Continuity

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Critical Event Management (CEM) is technology that allows you to manage disruptive or harmful incidents that can threaten or affect your business. Assessing immediate threats and responding effectively is at the core of any prevention program. Keeping up with the ever-changing high-consequence dangers is an ongoing task. By using the latest technology tools to improve critical event planning and response, shielding companies from these dangers can effectively limit the impact and allow for a quicker recovery.

Threats are Constantly Evolving; Using Critical Event Management to maintain Businesses Continuity

Discussing how best to tackle these threats with a CEM solution as part of The Next Phase of Cybersecurity Podcast Series is Dr. Eric Cole, Founder, and CEO of Secure Anchor Consulting, and Andy Axelson, Senior Manager of Customer Success and Training at BlackBerry. In the episode, the two uncover:

  • The types of organisations that can benefit from CEM 
  • The relationship between CEM, incident response, and Business Continuity 
  • Steps to incorporate a CEM platform in any business continuity program
  • How responding to ransomware or any cyberattack ties into CEM

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