Workiva: Balancing the Demands of GRC and ESG

Published on
29/03/2023 03:38 PM

GRC (governance, risk management, and compliance) and ESG (environmental, social, and governance) are critical for companies to balance in today's business landscape. 

While GRC focuses on achieving objectives responsibly, mitigating risks, and meeting compliance requirements, ESG addresses a company's broader responsibilities to its stakeholders, including the environment, employees, and society as a whole.

Balancing both can be challenging, but it is essential for companies to operate sustainably and responsibly. Companies that prioritise ESG practices often have better long-term financial performance, while those that prioritise GRC can avoid costly legal and reputational risks. 

Therefore, companies should look at integrating ESG and GRC to maximise efficiency and support the integrity of financial and non-financial reporting for sustainable growth. 

In this episode of the EM360 Podcast, Analyst Richard Stiennon speaks to Grant Ostler and Mark Mellen, Industry Principals at Workiva, to discuss:

  • How ESG has transformed in the last few years
  • Integration of ESG into GRC to improve risk management
  • Auditing ESG

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