Threatlocker: Stay Ahead of the Changing Attack Landscape using Zero Trust

Published on
20/09/2022 09:25 AM

As an IT Professional, you know that cyberattacks are ever-increasing, and businesses must do everything they can to ensure they remain protected. 

Organizations across the globe are beginning to implement Zero Trust solutions to protect their files, data, devices, and networks. Zero Trust is a concept that operates on the idea that nothing can be trusted, and everything is a threat until it has been properly verified. This process helps to mitigate and manage new and emerging cyber threats. 

In this episode of the EM360 Podcast, Editor Matt Harris welcomes Ben Jenkins, Director of Cybersecurity at Threatlocker, to discuss:

  • What is Zero trust, and why do businesses need it?
  • How are cyberattacks evolving?
  • Common cyber threats and how to better protect your business against them 
  • And more!

Meet the panel