ThreatLocker: Deny-by-Default and Being Proactive With Your Cybersecurity

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From ruthlessly targeting BFSIs to leaking the personal data of cancer patients, the horror stories that surround serious cybercrime are worse than ever before. 

Getting one step ahead of cyber attacks and becoming proactive with your cybersecurity is essential to keeping your company secure, and one way to do that is adopting a deny-by-default philosophy. 

But what is deny-by-default? What are CISOs worrying about most in this current landscape? And what lessons can be learned from assuming your enterprise has already been breached?

In this episode of the EM360 Podcast, Head of Content Matt Harris speaks to Rob Allen, VP of Operations EMEA at ThreatLocker, about:

  • Zero Trust and a deny-by-default philosophy
  • Assuming that the attackers are already in
  • Dangers of data exfiltration

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