Risky Business: Navigating Enterprise Cloud Complexities with Evolven's CEO

Published on
11/03/2024 05:27 PM
evolven podcast

The cloud revolutionised how businesses operate, but managing dynamic, complex environments presents new and unique challenges.

While digital transformation has brought significant benefits, the reality is that  organisations now require innovative solutions to effectively navigate intricate, hybrid, multi-cloud environments.

Evolven Software, driven by a mission to simplify complexity and mitigate risk, empowers large organisations to overcome the challenges of governing extensive hybrid ecosystems. By harnessing the power of AI/ML, Evolven enables a more secure, streamlined, and efficient cloud journey with fewer outages or compliance gaps.

In this episode of the EM360 Podcast, industry veteran Tom Croll, advisor at Lionfish Tech Advisors, speaks to Sasha Gilenson, Founder and CEO of Evolven Software, to discuss: 

  • The current state of enterprise cloud architectures and the challenges in managing hybrid multi-cloud environments.
  • Why managing risk in hybrid multi-cloud environments demands a new paradigm.
  • The unique challenges large organizations face in maintaining visibility, control, and governance across their landscapes.
  • How Evolven's AI/ML-driven solution empowers enterprises to overcome this complexity, enhance security, and optimize performance.

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