Proofpoint Episode 3: Reducing Insider Risk in the Work-From-Everywhere Economy

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How has the insider threat changed? What are the new insider threat profiles and how can you address them? Do you understand your exposure and know where your risk is? In this brand-new, 3-part podcast series The Inside Line on Insider Threats with Proofpoint, cybersecurity experts come together to talk about insider threat management (ITM). 

Joining Dr. Eric Cole, Founder and CEO of Secure Anchor Consulting, for the final episode of the series is Rob Bolton, Senior Director, Information Protection at Proofpoint. The two begin by reflecting upon the first two episodes, thinking back to the different types of insider threats and the strategies to combat them and, more significantly, looking at what an insider threat program means in terms of costs, economic benefits, and how it can reduce operational risk. Following on from this, Rob spotlights the direct and indirect impact of insider threats from a financial perspective, including the key drivers of costs. Conversation then moves on to how insider threat management programmes deliver economic value and ROI and the roles integrated technologies play in reducing insider costs and mitigating risk. To close, Eric and Rob share their thoughts on the best practices for building a modern insider threat program, before analysing some Proofpoint use case examples. 

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