Immersive Labs: Democratising access to cybersecurity

Published on
13/04/2022 09:33 AM

Cybersecurity has traditionally been the responsibility of the CTO and IT department, casting a company-wide forcefield to protect businesses from exterior attacks. 

But in the modern age of heightened connectivity, as remote workers bring sensitive company information into their homes, the responsibility could - and should - fall upon every member of the team. 

Democratising access to cybersecurity is essential to modern workforces

In this EM360 Podcast, Head of Content Max Kurton talks to James Hadley, Founder and CEO at Immersive Labs, to explore:

  • The benefits of every department having a hand in cybersecurity - and the risk of having ‘too many cooks’
  • What challenges enterprises can face when democratising access to cybersecurity to teams that aren’t tech savvy
  • How organisations can build ultimate cyber resilience across all departments

Meet the panel