F-Secure: How Workforces can Combat Digital Anxiety


Published on
04/05/2022 09:18 AM

A recent F-Secure survey of 7,200 internet users showed that two-thirds of remote workers have reported worrying about their online security and privacy.

And with a large percentage of the UK population transitioning into remote work following the pandemic, many have had to take cybersecurity seriously when accessing company platforms and data on our personal devices. But what exactly is meant by ‘digital anxiety’, and why are more people experiencing it?

In this episode of the EM360 Podcast, Content Producer Matt Harris speaks to Tom Gaffney, Principal Consultant at F-Secure, as the pair explore:

  • Digital anxiety and why more people are experiencing it
  • The steps employees can take to secure themselves and their privacy
  • Smart habits to bring into your routine

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